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  • 41" Fold Back Wall Mount T-3 Power Rack 41" Fold Back Wall Mount T-3 Power Rack
  • 41" Fold Back Wall Mount T-3 Power Rack 41" Fold Back Wall Mount T-3 Power Rack
  • 41" Fold Back Wall Mount T-3 Power Rack 41" Fold Back Wall Mount T-3 Power Rack
  • 41" Fold Back Wall Mount T-3 Power Rack 41" Fold Back Wall Mount T-3 Power Rack
  • 41" Fold Back Wall Mount T-3 Power Rack 41" Fold Back Wall Mount T-3 Power Rack

41" Fold Back Wall Mount T-3 Power Rack

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Quick Overview

The Titan T-3 Series folding power rack is ideal for anyone with limited space. Start doing bench pressing, squats and more within minutes.

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The Titan T-3 Series folding power rack is ideal for anyone with limited space. Start bench pressing, doing squats, dips, and other creative exercises within minutes after installing the rack to your wall. 

T-3 Series power racks use standard 2"x3" steel tubes with 2" diameter bars. The featured pin and hinge system allows you to quickly remove the pull up bar after the workout, and simply fold the rack up against the wall when you're done.

- T-3 Series of Power Racks contain 2"x3" steel tubes with 2" diameter bars.
- Easy install
- Foldable to conserve space
- Great for home or pro gym
- Powder coated, durable finish
- J-hooks included
- Laser cut for precise fit 

- Material: Steel
- Height: 91"
- Maximum height of adjustable pull up bar: 88"
- Depth: 41.5"
- Width: 50"
- Weight: 175 lb

Additional Information

SKU 400183
UPC 737069522036
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  1. Does the job review by Dakota on 5/14/2017

    As mentioned above, paint chips pretty easily, however the construction is solid. Feels sturdy.

    Does not come with bolts to mount the runners to wall (understandable depending on what you're mounting it to) but it also doesn't come with bolts to bolt the rack to the runners.

    Recommends 7.5" mounting height of bottom 2x10 runner, however my garage has a 6" block before the studs start, so I just adjusted the mounting holes a couple holes higher and it doesn't seem to affect it. Also most garage floors are slopped so keep that in mind when mounting. Brackets may be uneven for legs to make even contact on the ground.

    Pull up bar is not to thick imo

    Price is great. Would overall recommend.

  2. good rack review by bub on 3/10/2017

    Had the rack for 8 months now. works great. Not everything is welded exactly square but works great. Nice to put a small piece of plywood or something under the uprights Had some issues with my floor not being exactly flat/level so I cheat with a piece of wood under each upright, then it folds flat easy. I would buy it again in a second for the price.

  3. Very solid review by Dylan on 1/25/2017

    I ordered this on a Monday and it arrived at my house on Wednesday with the free shipping. It's very heavy duty and seems to be good quality. The mounting instructions are lacking a lot but well worth the money.

  4. Sweet review by Pezdespencer on 1/18/2017

    I no longer have the time for the gym and if I had gone with other comparable racks I would never have started working out again. I find the rack has easy construction and quality for the price its unbeatable.

  5. Great buy!!!!! review by Eduardo on 11/13/2016

    Quality is excellent! I have a Rogue rack as well, and after using both, for the money I'd go with Titan.
    The pull up bar could be a little slimmer, but its still good quality. Also the instructions could be better, but for the price I made due just fine.

  6. Works for the money review by C on 10/25/2016

    +Appears plenty strong enough for my purposes.
    +Good price with free shipping.
    +Came with all pieces and hardware specified.
    -Weld finish looks terrible throughout.
    -One arm is welded on at an angle (not straight), but I've managed to mount it close enough.
    -Paint/powder coat is super thin, scratched everywhere, and has a light coat of rust throughout.
    -Very deep gouge in one of the steel legs (Steel looks thick enough that it should be fine, but it does look like a forklift was ran into it...)

    ~Still comes with the 2" diameter pull-up bar as of this review (Doesn't bother me, but I've noticed a lot of questions about this).

  7. Great rack review by Kristen on 9/9/2016

    The rig itself is great and probably the best price you'll find if on a budget. As others have said, the pull up bar is thicker but it hasn't been a huge problem so far (and I'm a woman). I guess it'll just force me to work on my grip strength. :)

    My husband and I did one have problem putting this up (besides learning our garage floor slopes). The wall attachments have 2 beams with larger attachments, and 2 with smaller attachments. The directions didn't say anything about which ones go where, so we guessed the larger ones went on the bottom...and we guessed wrong because then the rack wouldnt fold in (because they're actually different lengths and we didnt notice that). I figured it out later because an Amazon reviewer mentioned the same thing and that they called Titan about it on what to do. So, just make sure you put both large and both small wall mounts on the same side.

  8. Very happy with my purchase!!! review by JV on 9/2/2016

    This is my very first piece of equipment for my gym and I love it. I could not be more happier with the product for the price. Paint job was great, holes for j-hooks seemed pretty smooth. Adjustable pull-up bar is what sold me. Pull-up bar is a little thick but I have big hands so it worked out well for me. Awesome part is that it folds away to open up space in my gym for other work outs.

  9. Best value!!! review by Ammodud2311 on 8/8/2016

    By far the best fold out squat rack for the price...you can't be the price for the quality...I was thinking of getting the 21in but went with the 41.5 in rack and Im glade I did...I got it with a 15% off coupon so that worked out great with the FREE shipping. It only.took 2 days to get to my house which was awesome I had no problems putting the rack together...I used 2 6foot 2 x 10in stinger boards and some 3 1/2in lag screws so screw I the stinger to the studs. I then used to 5/8 lag bolts.to bolt the rack to the board...I had 2 buddy's help me which made it a lot easier. The directions don't really tell you what hardware to use due to everyone's garage is different but not to hard ton figure out. Overall the rack is super sturdy and have no problem with the pull up bar I am 5 foot 9 and my feet don't drag or hit doing pull ups Kipping,butterfly,or strict the bar is a little thick but I can manage....I do recommend this very good quality for the buck compared to Rogue...thanks for a great product!!!

  10. Great Rack, thick pull-up bar review by Zack D. on 8/4/2016

    Had the rack for 3+ months. Overall a great product. Very happy with it.

    Titan needs to offer a standard 1.25" pull-up bar. If you all were to do this, you would have a 5 star product that no one could complain about. Called customer service and was told it is in the works but months away. No big deal for me but my wife has small hands and limits our ability to workout together. Takes some of the fun out of it. Slick too! Sweaty hands in FL slide easily. I can typically bang out a set of 10 Bar MU easily, with sweaty hands, I'm doing sets of 4/3/2 and re chalking often. Feel like I'm going to lose my grip on way down and initial kip back up.

    I looked into getting a rogue 1.25" pull-up bar but due to the extra width of the Titan rack, I would have had to remove the rack and rebolt into wall at skinnier width to match 43.5" pull-up bar from rogue.

    So since I cannot do that, I'm going to hire a blacksmith to cut off the 2" bar and weld in a 1.25" bar.

    Only other factor is width of the rig. Not a big deal when squatting for me but it does get a bit dicey when doing bench press or incline. It doesn't leave much room for error and I hit the rig at least once or twice in a 10 set workout with flat/incline bench work. Definitely makes me nervous!

  11. What you all need in a Home Gym with Limit space review by Kuni808 on 8/4/2016

    I previously owned a T2 Power Rack but sold it for this rack due to space limitations. This Wall Mount foldable rack is outstanding! I highly recommend this rack for anyone that needs the garage space or if you are mounting this inside your house. I used two 8inch by 72inch stringers mounted to the wall with the lag bolts. then mounted the rack with shorter lag bolts with washers as well. The rack is solid! Take your time and do all of the measurements. The last thing you want to do is end up with a wall full of holes! Make sure to pre-drill the holes for the lag bolts as you don't want them splitting the studs. I painted my stringers to match my wall so to protect the wood and seal them in. I highly recommend this rack! As everyone is mentioning the pull up bar is very thick. As I see it, the pull up bar is the top structure of the rack. If it was smaller to me it wouldn't feel as stable. Since this is the T3 rack, the bar is beefier. I don't find a problem doing pull ups on this bar as it also helps increase grip strength.

    Over all I am a happy customer and happy to be able to fold the rack out of the way and pull my car into the garage! Thank you Titan Fitness for continuing to provide quality products are great prices.

  12. Rack review by Joe on 8/4/2016

    Awesome rack. Like everyone else says, make a smaller diameter pull up bar. Besides that everything else works great.

  13. Titan 41" folding rack review by Davis on 8/1/2016

    This is an awesome rack! Super easy to assemble. From start to finish it only took two people about 2 hours to install the 2x8 stringers assemble the rack and mount it.
    This would be a 5 star rack if the customer's reviews of the 1.5" pullup bar were listened to. Please offer a 1.25" bar...it's standard everywhere you go!!

  14. Great Rack review by Matt on 6/30/2016

    We put this rack up a few weeks back to make it easy to hit the gym if we didn't have time to actually go to the gym. The rack works great and is very sturdy. My wife uses it for her cross-fit workouts which include kipping pullups and there isn't any wobble.

    The only issue is that that pull up bar is a bit thick compared to any standard bar anywhere else. It looks like it's been mentioned here several times, but I am not sure what the difficulty is in just doing a bar that is the correct size or what the thought was to do one larger in the first place?

    I still need to make some height adjustments to make it fully close, it appears that my garage floor isn't so even. But that shouldn't be an issue. Great rack at a great price!

  15. No Complaints - Nothing Close at this Price review by Bryce on 6/30/2016

    Installation is easy, price is great, product is solid. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. If you're shopping for a home gym, I would absolutely recommend this rack.

    I do agree with a few points mentioned below:
    - you will need to purchase 2x10 for stringers as well as mounting bolts. I spent roughly $100 on wood & hardware to install.
    - I had a brief freak out when I noticed the "feet" were different sizes, but logged on and saw a review below and noted what they were for. It's really a genius design. The bigger foot allows one side to fold over top of the other so it can fold in on itself.
    - I have big hands, so I like the diameter of the pull-up bar, but it is a bit slick, so I'll be taping it.

    I am very happy with my purchase! Thanks Titan for making a great product at a great price!

  16. Nothing comes close at this price review by Shawn on 6/13/2016

    I recently received the Titan Fitness wall mount rack in 41.5 inches and dont have anything negative to save about the rack. If you are considering I hope this review shines a little more light on such a quality rack at a surprisingly budget price.

    If you are like me, you may have researched power racks that have everything one needs for a full power rack set up that collapses down to a space saving design. Most of the items I came across were in the $500-$700 range. I even came across the very similar Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack. The price was a little high and when I added shipping, the price jumped another $120. Making the total for me $695…that is a significant amount of dollars to spend.

    This led me on a search for something a little more budget-friendly that would still allow the wife to pull her car into the garage. Enter the Titan Fitness Fold Back Wall Mount T-3 Power Rack. The price is $349 with free shipping; this is half the price of the Rogue rack. Half! I dove into the reviews and they all seemed positive. The biggest complaint of consistency was that some of the power racks came with chips of paint off of the powder coat. The rogue has glowing reviews but we were talking $350 in savings. Titan Fitness offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I called Titan Fitness and confirmed that if the rack came and I didn’t like the quality of the craftsmanship they would pay to return the item and issue me a full refund.


    The locking pins attach easily through the hinge points and secure via cotter pins.

    A unique surprise I came across was that the two attachment side bracings had shorter beams at the folding hinge point than the other two beams.
    This was a dilemma for me. I actually called Titan Fitness after hours, I was expecting no one to answer. Someone did answer and outstanding service was delivered. Ranting just a bit, I always expect good customer service but when I truly get it I often feel surprised and its something that does draw me back to a company. Continuing, they explained that the previous design had the rack folding in the same direction, both bracings to only the left or right side. Now with this design, the rack can fold in on itself, towards the middle. This was a feature once reserved only for the 21.5″ version of this rack. Just remember to put the shorter bracing on one side and the longer bracings on the others side.


    The Titan Fitness Fold Back T-3 Rack has two configurations. There is an option for a 21.5″ version and a 41.5″ version. This is the measurement of each version of the power rack protruding from the secured wall when fully extended. The benefit of having the 21.5″ would be a smaller foot print when fully extended. The 41.5″ allows one to be inside the power rack for a multitude of exercises. It will also fit a full sized weight bench within the power rack for bench presses, overhead presses, etc.

    The steel is 11 gauge. All the foldable power racks I came across used 11 gauge steel. Tube construction is 2×3 constructed steel. You will find a majority of these racks are 3×3. However, plenty of power racks exist in the 2×3 range and are more than capable for most lifters. This rack is rated capable of holding 1000 lbs.

    I personally like to powerlift and do CrossFit/functional training workouts. I will never lift more than 500 lbs on any of my lifts. Therefore, 2×3 construction is not a concern for me. The 3×3 steel may be something to consider if you are a professional powerlifter because it is technically stronger. For the majority of lifters that can handle serious weight, 2×3 steel is more than enough steel strength.

    All the holes for J hooks, dip attachment and spotter arms are laser cut and showed no inconsistencies. The westside hole spacing was a bit of a nice surprise. These allow me to set that perfect height on my spotter arms for the bench press. Welds were solid and gave no indication of being cheaply put together. The pull-up bar is solid as well. It should also be mentioned that the power rack comes with 4 J hooks.

    There were some reviews from those with smaller hands wishing the pull-up bar was 1.5 inches instead of the currently designed, 2 inches. This is an understandable request. Many women may have smaller hands and their grip strength just isn’t ready for a 2-inch bar. A fix would be to consider wrapping some athletic tape around the bar to provide a natural gripping surface. I am 5’11” and my wife is 5’8″ Both of us found the pull up bar to work well. In fact, I prefer a fatter bar to encourage grip strength. The pull-up bar attaches easily with pins and stores nicely to the side when the rack needs to be folded. Can be folded to one side or to the middle in on itself.

    The powder coat was even and looked sharp. However, the product arrived with a few small chips in the powder coat. Based on some reviews I read, I expected this to be the case. It is not concerning enough for me to return the product or warrant a different retailer. The price savings is more than worth it and I figured that even if the rack rusted through in ten years, then it was still a worthy buy. I honestly don’t think that even that will ever happen.

    Titan Fitness Fold Back Wall Mount T-3 Power Rack Accessories:

    T-3 Power Rack Dip attachment

    I have a lifting injury to my AC joint and the only thing that aggravates my AC joint is dips. Therefore, I shy away from them, so I cannot comment on this item directly. You can get the T-3 Power Rack Dip Bars for $49. This is another advantage to the Titan Fitness power racks in general. All their attachment pieces are value priced.

    T-3 Power Rack Spotter Arms

    Do yourself a favor and buy the spotter arms when you purchase this rack. They are needed for lifting when you are alone and truly provide a benefit from a safety standpoint. If purchased with the rack, the spotter arms are only $50. If you purchase individually they cost $69. Like I have already said, this is another great reason to go with Titan Fitness on a power rack. The attachment pieces for competitor models are $135 plus.

    The spotter arms for the T-3 are very well made. They are very sturdy and latch on like a boss. The pins remove with ease and there have been no questions with stability or the attached UMHW plastic. This plastic is designed to prevent the barbell from getting scratched. All spotter arms contain this fancy plastic. UMHW plastic is meant to scratch from the barbell knurling, but it prevents the barbell from scratching. I do love the westside hole spacing in conjunction with these spotter arms for finding that perfect spot for the bench press.


    The price is outstanding

    Solid customer service

    Craftsmanship beat my expectations

    Attachment devices are budget friendly

    Stores nicely out of the way

    Solid as a rock


    Purchase of materials and labor for installation

    Some chips on powder coat paint

    Those with smaller hands may not like the pull-up bar, consider athletic tape

    Its just a great piece of engineered steel at a price that doesnt come close to being beat. I honestly believe that if you are considering this rack, you will not be disappointed.

  17. Awesome But... review by Tristin on 6/7/2016


  18. Love IT! review by Meli on 6/4/2016

    Bought this Rack over the Rogue mainly due to price and I do not regret it. Rack is very strudy. Only recommendation is if the pullup bar can have some rigidness to it like their wall mount pullup bar, since its smooth tend to loose grip easily.
    Delivery was pretty quick and you can't beat thier free shipping either!

  19. instructions review by ME on 5/7/2016

    It would of been nice to either throw in the correct mounting bolts or detail the correct size to buy. Three trips to the hardware store later. Take note on any slope you may have in your garage. After the first install the rack only would fold up quarter of the way. The rack is great other then the poor instructions and install.

  20. Good, could be great review by Kain on 4/28/2016

    Nice and sturdy

    Needs thinner pull up bar option

    Rack could be narrower

  21. Great rack, good quality review by Oliver on 4/18/2016

    I'm Excited about the Rack. The price is great and the first impression was too.

    The Pros: Heavy duty construction. Simple assembly. Yet the stringer boards is a bit different story, but everyone's walls are different. All holes fit perfectly.
    Cons: the finish has some small gaps where you can see the steel underneath. But they are very small. The pull-up bar is big.

    As others already mentioned: The paint is ok, because it gets beat up anyway and it would be great if Titan Fitness would offer thinner (1.5"?) Pullup bar as an accessory or order option/replacement part.

    Still, I would recommend it.

  22. Good for the price review by Scott on 4/13/2016

    Rack is constructed well. Heavy duty and solid.
    Paint finish could be better. I suggest powder coating. This is a smooth finish.
    Pull up bar is too thick and too slick. I was hoping for something similar to what I would use at a typical Crossfit gym. This is so smooth that I find it unsafe to use for Kipling pull-ups. I feel like I am going to lose my grip and fall.

  23. Great Rack review by MightyJoe on 3/23/2016

    Great workout station...only issue is the large diameter pull up bar but can help with grip.

  24. Nice Rack review by Aaron on 3/13/2016

    I really like this rack, although it has some issues in my opinion. First the pros; The price is outstanding it is more than $200 cheaper than the guys in Ohio. The functionality of the rack is great. It is beefy and solid.

    Now the reason for the 4 stars on quality and recommendation. They finish was not what was expected. I was told it was going to be a powder coated finish when it actually was just a painted finish. When I go my first rack it had lots of heavy scratches and seems. There was paint already peeling of at some of the welds. Customer service was great and took the first rack back and sent me a replacement promptly without hesitation.

    Two changes I might encourage you guys to make are, first narrow the rack. 50 inches is pretty wide. When racking your bar you have to watch what you are doing or you are going to hit your sleeve ends. Second, the pull up bar is a 2 inch bar. While this is great for increasing grip strength it does take a toll on some of your performance. I would add or make an option for a standard 1.2 inch bar.

    Overall the rack is excellent and I would recommend it if a person is not particular about the finish (I mean it is going to get abused, so it may not really matter to some), and if you are good with the 2 inch pull up bar. My rack is getting used hard 6 days a week and has been holding up great since I installed it in November.

  25. Great Product review by Sableezee on 3/11/2016

    Quality product. Install was fast and simple.

  26. Great product!!!! review by Daniel on 1/12/2016

    I can honestly say I'm 100% satisfied with the wall mount rack. First off, simple assembly and could be taken on by one person if need be but a extra set of hands would be perfect. The quality and craftsmanship of the product itself is right up there amongst the best garage/home gym manufactures. I also purchased dip station add on which works perfect and adjustable. 2 sets of J hooks are included which meant a lot to me because other big name home gym manufactures sell them as extras. I did my research and I'm glad I did. For the price, quality, and the FREE shipping...... Can't beat it. Compare for yourself. Thanks Titan Fitness.

  27. Perfect rack for any home gym review by Jim on 11/6/2015

    This is the perfect rack for any home or garage gym. Its half the price of the only other rack like it. Its solid with 500lbs loaded on to it for squats, and doesn't shake when i do kipping pullups @230lbs. I have a small issue with the j-hooks but it does come with 2 pairs which is a nice bonus. Overall a great buy for any one trying to outfit a home/garage gym

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