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84" Axle Barbell

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Quick Overview

With the Titan Axle Barbell you can keep your lifting regiment and change your bar to achieve more results in the gym!

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With the Titan Axle Barbell you can keep your lifting regiment and change your bar to achieve more results in the gym! 

Bust of out of slump or change up your lifting focus with the 1.9" diameter Axle Bar. The 1.9" diameter fat grip taxes your grip strength and forearms while still working common lifts: bench press, deadlift, clean and jerk, curls, and many more. 

- Great substitute for a standard Olympic barbell.  
- 1.9" fat grip builds more grip strength and wrist control over a standard barbell
- Makes lifts more challenging than a standard bar. Don't up your weight and risk injury!
- 7 ft. in total length with 15.5" of loadable sleeve length. 

- Weight: 30 lbs 
- Overall length: 84"
- Grip and sleeve diameter: 1.9"
- Handle length: 52"
- Loadable sleeve length: 15.5"
- Finish: Black powder coating
- Fits: 2" Olympic plates

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  1. Not fancy, doesn't need to be review by Frac on 11/4/2017

    This is a great value. All my plates fit and the paint doesn't have any issues.

  2. Good bar, Great price review by Michael on 10/24/2017

    I've had my axle bar a little over a month now and have nothing bad to say other than a small cosmetic blemish with one of the welds. absolutely no problems fitting bumpers or metal plates on the bar, however if you plan on using bumpers just know that since its a fixed bar the bumpers wont spin when you attempt a clean, metal plates will. this bar is great though its cheaper and 5 pounds heavier than its competitor at Rouge, great job Titan I will definitely be coming back for more equipment.

  3. Great axle!!! review by Magni Strength on 10/21/2017

    I purchased 4 of these axles and I love them. At this price with free shipping you can't wrong. All of our bumpers fit. They are York and CFF. Also all of our steel weights fit. They are Iron Grip, Ivanko, and York. You can't go wrong with this axle.

  4. Good bar at a great price review by Mark on 6/22/2017

    I had been looking at axle bars for awhile but just could justify paying $100+ for one. Then I found Titan had a 7' axle for under $50, so I pulled the trigger and bought it. I couldn't be happier with this bar. It is what it is, a thick, ugly bar that will make you think twice about how strong your grip and forearms are! If you are like I was and on the fence about an axle because for other companies prices Get this one from Titan for the price you won't be disappointed.

  5. Can't beat the price review by Dan on 6/12/2017

    Picked up this bar to start axle training. Can't believe other companies charge so much, but Titan has a winner here. Rackable, thick steel wall pipe, and no frills are exactly what I was looking for. This pipe is metric and is much closer to 2" OD than typical 1.5" pipe used in many strongman implements, and the powder coat is thick enough that tighter tolerance plates and bumpers may not fit until it wears down a bit. The good news is that regular collars work just fine. All in all a solid buy, and the price is tough to beat.

  6. Awesome! review by Chuck on 6/7/2017

    Good price! Only thing I hate is my bumpers won't fit. Maybe after the finish wears off the ends of the axle they will slide on. If not I might go and get it machines down a tad

  7. Nothing to Complain About review by Boise Tornado on 6/2/2017

    This axle bar is made exactly the same as every other axle bar, but costs significantly less delivered to your door!

    The bar is 84" long and presumably made of 1.5" schedule 40 pipe (1.9" outside diameter). My Ivanko iron plates fit just fine and my no-name bumper plates also fit just fine. I have Rogue Axle clamps to secure the weights and those too fit just fine.

    In summary, this axle bar/fat barbell does exactly the same thing as any other brand and it seems to be compatible with the industry standard for this style of implement.

    The finish on the barbell is a pleasantly grippy black texture (probably powder coat). My barbell arrived in perfectly fine shape, no scratches or rust to be found.

  8. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ROGUE PLATES review by ABM on 5/26/2017


    I bought an axel bar from Titan Fitness last week and tried to load it with my Rogue bumper plate this evening. Both the bar and the plates are “Olympic” sizing. How could there be any issues....

    While the Rogue Plates are Olympic in diameter, the collar opening is as follows:
    - Collar Opening: 50.40mm / 1.98 inches

    The Titan Axel bar is spec’d as follows:
    - Grip and sleeve diameter: 1.9"
    - Fits: 2" Olympic plates

    So if the Axel grip and sleeve diameter is 1.9" and the Rogue Collar Opening is 1.98", you would think the plates would be compatible. That would be a terrible assumption as I found out this evening. ROGUE PLATES WITH 1.98" COLLAR OPENINGS ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THIS PRODUCT.

    So….. If you have Rogue weight with 1.98" openings and you are buying from Titan, you might want to pick up the phone and be sure that what you are ordering is compatible.


  9. Good cheap price for an axle bar. review by Chad on 5/20/2017

    Received package and it was shipped quick and undamaged. Received 2 days after purchased. Axle bars usually cost $100 up to $175 plus. The titan axle barbell is sturdy and able to handle good weight for the price range. The bars paint job could be better though. The paint was flaking off in areas and rust residue was on the bar which for being new shouldn't have had that on the bar. Would be better if they left it more raw unpainted or used a higher quality paint. Overall for the price it's a good buy. I did buy both the 7' and 5' axle bar. Same review for both.

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