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A Comprehensive Look at the Titan Fitness™ T-2 Power Rack

If you are looking for a quality power rack without breaking the bank, the Titan Fitness™ T-2 Power Rack is a great choice.  Hey, don't take our word for it! David Kiesling, a garage gym influencer, agrees. Here's why:

1. It is a great price.  Your spouse will not completely disagree with this purchase.  You will have money left over to buy a gift or to have a special date night.

2. Did we say free shipping? Yes, everything ships free to the 48 contiguous states.

3. There is a big selection of T-2 Power Rack Accessories.  The Monolift Attachment is a most-wanted accessory and David's favorite!

4. The T-2 Power Rack is heavy duty.  A competitive power-lifter can squat at least 700 LBS. Read David's full review of the Titan Fitness T-2 Power Rack at

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