Budget-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Dad

Budget-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Dad

Father's Day is just a few days away.  Are you still looking for the perfect way to Celebrate the Fit Dad?  The best gifts are not found in store.  Check out our cool list of  budget-friendly things to do for Dad.

Give Compliments

Make a list of your favorite things about him as a father and a leader.  If he is a new father, recall precious moments of him interacting with the baby.   For a Dad with older kids, create a video of the kids telling Dad how awesome he is and what they love most about their superhero.

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Give Experiences

Enjoy an activity with Dad.  Take Dad bowling, horseback riding, hiking or fishing.  Dad might also enjoy a bike ride or a family workout session in the garage.

Give Quality Time

Attack Dad with hugs and kisses.  Create a code word to be used when it's time for everyone to tackle Dad with love and tickles.  Design a cute "gift card" for future hugs and kisses.  Note: The gift card should never expire!

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Give Strength

Make Dad stronger daily.  Tell him that you love him and thank him for his hard work.  These small gifts can make a big difference.

Give Shopping Advice

Dads need to save money on the things that they want to have enough money for the things that they need for the family.  Tony (pictured with his adorable baby) and Raymond(pictured with his 4 beautiful kids) are loyal Titan Fitness customers who embrace our mission help families save money!  These two awesome fathers created these lists to help Dads shop to treat themselves for their hard work - the smart way...with Titan Fitness.

Tony's List:

Raymond's List:

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