Keeping Things Moving with New Workout Strategies

Keeping Things Moving with New Workout Strategies

One of the most common problems that lifters mention around this time of the year is the potential for workout stagnation that the uneventful weeks after summer can bring— there's a good chance you've hit your stride in recent months, made some effective gains, and settled into a plateau of similar exercises and muscle maintenance, a far cry from the energy-driven summer workouts that helped you raise the bar.

If this happens to be the case for you (or even if you just are looking to nip the problem of workout plateauing in the bud before it sets in during the colder months on the horizon), then read ahead for our list of tips on how to add some variety to your fitness palate and utilize the fall season as a time of just as much growth as beach season.

You're Going to Be Indoors Anyway- Own it

There are a lot of factors that can add substantive gains to your physique, but denial about your progress will generally be the last thing that you're likely to find among them— don't kid yourself about plans to strap up in winter gear and hit the road for outdoor exercise once the temps have dropped well below temperate.

These months actually provide you with greater incentive to delve into your free weight sets and reps, especially if you have a home gym you can access without even stepping foot outside— our advice is to utilize that situation to the fullest, and take on a range of reps that will turn fatty foods into gains once the holidays roll around.

Keep your Diet Interesting (or You'll Regret It)

On average, even the most dedicated fitness-heads will gain at least some weight during the colder months— in addition to it being just plain instinct to pack on weight while it's cold, odds are that you'll be spending some time around a lot of rich cuisine (and accompanying peer pressure to loosen up and have some) as well.

Try and remember not to be too hard on yourself regarding your progress during this time of the year, and keep in mind that the occasional "cheat" likely won't prevent you from seeing results at the end of the week regardless (assuming you stick to your diet the rest of the time, that is).

In the meantime, just try and make it through October without going overboard on Halloween candy— tragically, there are no gains to be had by binging your weight in chocolate.