Master Chest Day with The Perfect Bench Warm Up

Master Chest Day with The Perfect Bench Warm Up

Happy Monday - International Chest Day!

We know how important Chest Day is to you and wanted to share some tips to improve your performance and avoid injuries.  Coach Chris Lane, loyal Titan Fitness customer and Certified Personal Trainer, talks about the benefits of warming up before you hit the bench

Who’s guilty of slapping the 45's on the bar for a quick set of 10 and calling it a “warm up?”

An adequate warm up should last 5-20 minutes and achieve the following:

  1. Elevated heart rate
  2. Increased respiratory rate
  3. Increased flexibility
  4. Stimulated CNS and neuromuscular systems

By priming ourselves for movement, our training becomes much more focused and efficient.  An adequate warm up also decreases risk for injury. For those of us still in a time crunch and ready to dive under the bar, here’s a “quick and dirty” shoulder health, mobility, and bench activation sequence that will get you activated and ready to bench!

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