Mixing Things Up with Alternative Workouts

Mixing Things Up with Alternative Workouts

Summer is drawing to a close, and what many consider the prime time to hone your body seems to be fading into the sunset with it. However, does the transition into fall mean you have to leave your workout habits on the hook until next year? The answer, according to any but the most fair-weather fitness fans, should be a resounding no.

Below, we've put together a handful of alternative exercises that are great for targeting difficult muscle groups that your popular summer workout sets might not have done much for, along with some alternate angles that take advantage of your inclination to do more exercise indoors. Read ahead for a more well-rounded and fleshed out approach to your Fall strategy.

Punch Away your Problems

Did you know that uppercuts are great for your upper body? Believe it or not, many outside the wheelhouse of professional fighting have taken up conventional western boxing as a well-rounded form of exercise— in addition to burning more calories than just about any other workout (which is a great way to jump-start slower metabolisms), it provides an unbreakable balance of cardio and muscle group targeting that makes it one of the best exercises around.

But is there a catch? Kind of— full-intensity boxing is one of the toughest workouts to keep up with if you're not properly conditioned —expect to last about 30 seconds in the ring (or at the heavy bag) if you haven't built up your endurance yet. If you haven't, why not start now?

Stay-at-Home Strategies

Even if you haven't built up a formidable home gym yet (though we really think you should), there are a range of effective workouts you can do from home to build yourself up in the meantime with little to no equipment required.  If you can't take yoga seriously, consider trying something more intense like Pilates— you'll just need a mat (or a floor) to take advantage of some surprisingly effective movements intended to boost your strength and endurance. We recommend taking up arms in front of your TV if possible— there are a range of free YouTube channels that provide fitness instruction and plans to help you make the most out of the experience.