Preventing Diabetes, the Titan Way, with Daily Cardio

November is American Diabetes Month! More than 246 million people worldwide have diabetes; that number is expected to raise to 380 million by 2020. (2) Although there is no certain way to know your exact chances of getting diabetes, there are several ways to lower your risk. Titan Fitness encourages increased aerobic activity to improve blood circulation and your muscles’ ability to use insulin and absorb glucose.

Cardio, the Lifestyle

True, we all want wash board abs and monster quads, but the bigger picture is having a healthy lifestyle. How can you be more consistent with your daily cardio? The easiest way is to have a plan. Set an alarm and get it done!

The Cardio Tour

Keep cardio interesting by incorporating a mix of walking, running, cycling and rowing. Explore different types of affordable cardio equipment at! A great gym will also have these options available to you.

Cardio for a Cause

If you like to give back, cardio for a cause is just for you! Sign up for events in your community that benefit diabetes. The American Diabetes Association has several rides and walks throughout the year.

Cardio at No Costs

Burn calories in your living room with mountain climbers, squat thrusts and high knees. Turn up the volume! Aerobic exercise can be more fun with great music and energy. With the perfect playlist, your bodyweight boot camp will be over in no time!


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