Pro Tips for Giving your Home Gym a Summer Upgrade

Pro Tips for Giving your Home Gym a Summer Upgrade

As we get into the prime months of outdoor weather, most of our resolutions for the new year are put to their final test— did we get into the best shape of our lives in time for beach season, or are we still a work in progress? Don't worry: unless you're a member of the Avengers, the answer is almost always going to be the latter.

When it comes to summer, you should look on the bright side (no pun intended). There's no better time of the year to be working out and expanding your fitness horizons— warmer mornings mean you'll have an easier time kicking your week off with cardio, and sunnier afternoons mean that any new gains you achieve through lifting regimens will be complimented nicely with a free tan.

Even if you're not in the midst of a regular workout schedule, many sources indicate that exposure to brighter, sunnier conditions will generally leave you with more energy and motivation to take on the challenge of achieving a healthier lifestyle. If you're the owner of a home gym that's received little to no use during the drearier months of the year, this can also serve as the perfect time to rejuvenate your lineup of worn fitness gear with a range of strategic upgrades to keep you (and your muscles) interested.

Below, we've put together a list of some of the simpler, easier ways to make a home gym "new again" without breaking the bank— remember that the key to a successful home gym comes down to how well you're able to motivate yourself!

Trim Away the Fat

A common downfall of home gyms is often the level of disrepair suffered by home equipment— all too often, a personal gym will end up going unused after it becomes the indefinite home of a broken down treadmill, stationary bike from the late 90s, or takes on an awkward role as a partial storage area for old boxes.

In order to make a home gym functional and successful, you shouldn't be afraid to throw away or get rid of the aspects of it you don't see yourself using anymore—  throwing away a defunct piece of old equipment can often provide you with open space that you can use for a range of weightless exercises, yoga poses, or anything else you can think of.

Respect the Science

Does your home's gym feature a desk? A dry erase board? Odds are, you might have a dedicated space comprised of equipment, but not much else. If you want to succeed in the long term, tracking (and analyzing) your progress is usually key— even just a simple $5 white board to keep track of your daily/weekly reps can help keep you vastly more accountable than simply "winging it" when it comes to your self-discipline.

In addition to making a workout space feel well-lit and spacious (look at most pro gyms: full-length mirrors are never a bad idea), fostering an environment that encourages you to take notes and keep track of your progress can be exceptionally motivating, in and of itself— this habit can also make it easier for you to factor your meals/diet into your workout plans as well.