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  • 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount
  • 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount
  • 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount
  • 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount
  • 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount
  • 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount
  • 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount
  • 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount
  • 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount

Titan T-2 Series Short Power Rack


Titan T-3 Series Squat Rack v2

Titan Fitness 737069521015

T-3 Series Tall Folding Power Rack | 21.5" Depth | V2

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Quick Overview

The Titan T-3 Series Folding Power Rack is ideal for anyone with limited space!

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The Titan T-3 Series Folding Power Rack is ideal for anyone with limited space! Start bench pressing, squatting, pull ups, and other creative exercises within minutes after attaching the rack to your wall. 

Now includes our version 2 uprights featuring 6" side hole spacing throughout the entire uprights to add more T-3 accessories and versatility to your rack!

The Titan T-3 Series Power Racks use 2" x 3" 11 gauge steel tubes with a 2" diameter pull up bar. Our pin and hinge system allows you to quickly remove the pull up bar and simply fold the rack up against the wall. 

Check out our T-3 Series Folding Power Rack Stringers to add a professional look to your folding power rack setup! 

- Now includes our version 2 uprights featuring 6" side hole spacing.
- T-3 Series Folding Power Racks use 2" x 3" 11 gauge steel tubes with a 2" diameter pull up bar.
- Folds flats against wall to conserve as much space as possible. 
- Laser cut for a precise fit and a heavy powder coat for a durable finish.
- 4 J-Hooks included!

- Material: 2" x 3" 11 Gauge steel. 
- Rackable Capacity: 1,100 LB. 
- Height: 91"
- Width: 50"
- Depth: 21.5"
- Weight: 150 LB

Additional Information

SKU 400185
UPC 737069521015
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California Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
  1. Very impressed though with one big negative (2" diameter pull up bar) review by Concord Bob on 12/26/2017

    Back a few years ago, I used to crossfit for nearly 3 years but after moving up to the Bay area, CA, I neglected working out for some time. After consulting w/ one of the guys I used to work out with, he recommended I take a look at Titan folding racks as I mentioned I wanted a smaller squat rack. After researching the heck out of foldable racks (including Rogue and PRX) and also reading the negative reviews of this Titan foldable rack, I took the plunge with a bit of hesitation.

    While it took me some time to prep the garage wall and measuring things to the nth degree, I finally got it mounted yesterday. I must say, I'm very impressed. This rack is stout as all hell and perfect for me. I'm no power lifter and I don't believe this rack is made for serious powerlifting. I intend to use this for squatting, press type exercises (e.g. bench press), and the like. Just be aware if you're going to bench press, this rack doesn't have and isn't designed for safety straps, so you'll need to buy the Spotter Arms to safely bench or as a back up for heavy squats (https://www.titan.fitness/cages-and-racks/t-3-racks/t-3-rack-attachments/spotter-arms-for-hd-power-rack.html). The quality of the finish is above average. No powder coating if that matters to you. You can easily touch up any knicks with semi gloss black. One of the nitpicks i have is with the lack of rounding on the J-hooks and they're not 100% padded (front inside lip). Again, minor nitpicks.

    Ok now the biggest con: the pull up bar diameter. It's 2". If you have medium sized hands like I do, it's not comfortable. If you have smaller hands (like if you share this rack w/ your wife), your significant other is not going to be able to do pull ups. Titan Fitness if you are listening: you should really give your buyers the option of the pull up bar diameter. So what I had to do is buy the 1.25" diameter pull up bar. It's extra money for TItan, but left me as the consumer with a bad taste in my mouth. So in effect, this added to the cost of the rack and lessened the value proposition for me.

    Other and not related to the rack: I installed my rack in the garage and built a lifting platform. Unlike most people, my back wall is occupied w/ this grotesquely huge cabinet system that was not coming down. So I had to build it with on the side wall. As you know, garages have a negative slope so my lifting platform needed to account for it. I didn't get it perfect on the door side, so the sliding rack vert post required a shim. Also my wall was sorta wavy in one spot and so the stringer on that side stuck out a little further on that side. When I test fitted, one side was really tight and the other side was about as perfect as perfect could be. So the lesson learned for anyone installing this is make sure everything is as close to square and level as possible. And after mounting if the rack isn't sliding perfectly, use the troubleshooting page to make minor adjustments so that it does. On the top mounting post I had to use a few washers to get the alignment right. I still needed a small 5/64" thin metal plate I bought from Titan to shim the door side vert post (as expected), but now it's perfect.

    I love this thing already. I can't wait to use this some more! I may post up my build on Reddit, so look out for it.

  2. Solid Product & Solid Value review by JOSH on 10/24/2017

    I've had my Titan rack for about a year now. It's incredibly sturdy, easy to install, and comes at a great price. Titan is really making a name for themselves in the market, and I'm happy I was able to find them early. I recently had a return (my own fault that I didn't read the fine print), and it went super smoothly with prompt responses every time I made contact with them. Thanks!

  3. Awesome for the price review by Kevin on 9/19/2017

    I struggled between giving this rack a 4 or 5 star review and decided on 4 for a few reasons. I will go over why I love this rack then say why it didnt get 5 stars. The price is the biggest thing for this and all titan equipment. You really can't go wrong with paying under $300 for this thing. It is well build, solid, and does everything that it says it will without giving me even the slightest hint that it will ever fail. I can honestly see having this for the entire time that I have a home gym. Its been 5 months since I ordered it, and it does just what I need it to do. So, why didn't I give it 5 stars? Theres a few small problems I have with - the assembly instructions that came with it were pretty terrible and I ended up having to use go to the Rogue website and getting their instructions. The ones that come with it don't give even a minimum length for the lag screws which seems like a safety issue. I'm useless though and forgot the length I ended up going with since it was so long ago or i'd write it down. I ended up using a 2x10x10 on the top and bottom to mount it to the wall and put 2 lag screws at every stud along the board. The next thing, the paint has started to chip pretty good on it already. A can of cheap spray paint should fix this pretty quickly, but still, shouldnt be happening already. The last thing is that in one of the pictures it shows the rack folded in and the J-arms hanging off the top with the pull up bar holding the rack into the wall. The problem with this is that they no longer make J-arms that can do this. I spent probably 10 total hours on the phone with the customer support (who are all very nice) trying to explain what the problem was. I was able to get 2 old beat up J-arms from them that are the old model, but its not something they offer anymore. Maybe a small, inconsequential thing to some, but this small detail was something that really drew me to this unit. Overall, its a must buy if youre on a budget and are semi handy with installs, but if you want something with a nice powder coating and better instructions you will have to spend a bit of extra $$.

  4. Great Value and Totally Worth the Price review by Matt on 7/13/2017

    I have been looking at installing a folding wall rack in my garage. Since I Crossfit, I assumed Rogue was the way to go, but I was struggling with the $700+ price tag. After thinking about it, I started to research other manufacturers and found Titan. The price plus the discounts they offer with free shipping had me sold. I recently purchased the rack a few weeks ago. I received shipment notification right after I purchased and a second notice stating that the rack had shipped. The only challenge with shipment was that it said it would show up on a Wednesday and box 1 of 2 boxes showed up (I didn't realize there would be 2 boxes). On the Thursday the second box did arrive.

    PACKING: I had no issues with the packing. The hardware was packed well and showed no signs of stress or damage. The instructions were included in the box.

    STRINGER ASSEMBLY: The longest part of the whole process was installing the stringers. I went with the 2'X10"X8' rather than the 10' foot that is suggested. I found that the 8' was plenty long enough. Also, if a person wanted to go with a 2'X8", I think it would work. I used 5/16 X 3.5" bolts for the stringers.

    After installation, I painted the stringers to match the wall color. I wanted everything to look as nice as possible and not be an eye sore.

    RACK ASSEMBLY: The instructions were OK, but there is definite areas for improvement. I liked one person's suggestion of a video on the Titan website to help wit assembly. Also, the instructions do not state what size wrench or socket you will need for the bolts.

    Overall, assembly is not that bad and doesn't take a whole lot of time. I had the rack assembled in less than 30 minutes.

    RACK INSTALLATION ON THE WALL: This wasn't hard, but it does take some time (about an 1.5 hours for me). The main reason for the length in installation was due to adjustments made to allow the rack to swing while a mat was underneath it. I used 1/4 X 3.5" for the rack. There is two small holes and one large hold on each side of the swinging arm. I utilized the small holes. Total of 16 bolts for the rack.

    DURABILITY: So far the rack has not disappointed. My son and I have used it about 5 times. The pull-up bar is great, but it doesn't work for me since I am 6'4" and I have to hang with my knees bent to try and do a pull up. My son and daughter love it and it doesn't budge when they are using the pull up bar.

    Overall, I am very pleased. Time will tell on wear and tear, but I figure that if I get a few years out of this rack, I can always buy another one since I can almost buy 3 of these racks in comparison to 1 Rogue rack.

  5. Worth Every Penny... and Some review by Chaz on 6/28/2017

    I have owned this rack for 2 years now, got it when they first started offering them. I have installed it in two different locations now and having been using it daily since i got it. It is beyond sturdy and ridiculously well built. I also got the spotter arms and a few other accessories. For the price you can not beat this rig, I would recommend it to anyone I know, long before i would recommend spending more on "other" brands.

  6. Amazing review by Matt on 4/20/2017

    Great peice of equipment and as along as you are somewhat handy, you will be able to install it. Just as good as the higher priced rogue equipment.

  7. The Right Rack at the Right Price. review by KWagumz11 on 3/30/2017

    Good price. Other brands can't come close to this price.

    Installed with ease. Used two 2x10 stringers on my garage stud wall. Bolted them into the wall at the studs which were 16" OC using Ledger Loks. The stringers were 72" long for reference. I then bolted the rack to the stringers using ⅜"x1 ½" bolts with washers. This thing is going nowhere.

    It's solid. The pull-up bar needs to be attached first before locking the two arms in place. It is amazing. I've put 225lbs on it and it hasn't budged. I've kipped pull ups (I weigh 210) and it hasn't budged. I've done squats with bands, dropped the weights on the J-Cups, and used bands for oblique movements. I like that it is 2"x3" so I can purchase accessories from other brands that Titan doesn't carry.

    It is everything I need to be able to park the car at night. Now, if only Titan had some better wall mounted storage options...

  8. Quality rack at a great price review by Drew on 1/31/2017

    Great rack. Was worried it was going to be a "get what your pay for" product as the equivalent Rogue rack is twice the price, but it is definitely solidly built and good quality. Can't imagine the Rogue rack is twice as good. It does take some time to assemble and some additional materials (stringer, lag screws and washers), a good drill, and some large wrenches that you may not have in your standard toolbox, but two of us had it up in about 4 hours. I received it within two full business days of ordering it. The packaging was in good shape and there was no damage to any of the parts. I will note that I never received a notice that it shipped or a tracking number which seemed strange. Definitely recommended if you are looking for a low profile rack at a great price.

  9. Good price, poor shipping and customer service. review by Erik on 10/22/2016

    Ordered the rack in July and it shipped immediately. A week later I got 2 of the same box, both marked as 1 of 2. Opened them up and saw they accidently sent 2 of the larger boxes. I immediately called them and was told someone would pick up one of the boxes and that they would ship the missing box right away. After a month of waiting I finally called and was told that they were now on back order and would have to wait.

    All together it took 2. Months to get my rack. They promised multiple times to refund some money for the hassle but I never saw it.

    Besides that it is a quality rack and for the price you can't really find anything similar.

  10. Best rack for a great price review by Ozzy on 9/12/2016

    I received my order quickly and with no hassle. It's up even if the instructions leave a little to be desired. Would be great if they produced a video or manual that told what to use for the different wall materials. Overall it is awesome just to test the amount of weight both my girlfriend and I ung off the pull-up bar. The rack didn't even budge or creak and that was over 600lbs.

  11. Great price but needs quality control review by Matt on 9/11/2016

    The rack is solid for the price. Just had a few complaints. The rack was on back order so I expected a bit of a wait but than after a month it was shipped and I received one box that said one of one. The box had 4 parts in it which wasn't even cloose to everything needed. I called and the customer service was good but they said the other box was lost. They shipped me a new box but took another two weeks to get. I finally received everything but the directions don't tell you what size lag bolts to use. Another issue was One of the pin holes was to small so I had to drill it out. I also wish I knew if you plan on doing butterfly pull-ups or muscle ups the 21.5 isn't far enough away from the wall, wish I would have known that. one tip when mounting put two small blocks of ply wood under the feet of the rack and when in use leave them there for support. When folding kick them out and it will fold in with ease.

  12. Superior quality! review by Bre on 8/30/2016

    Amazing quality and price! Makes my home gym look like a professional one. Absolutely recommend!!!

  13. Solid, strong and WIDE !!! review by Southnjes on 8/10/2016

    Installation wasn't too much of a problem with a 1" slope for the width of the rack. It took some adjusting to get it right and I did it by myself in about 4 hours as I had to take it all down to adjust it completely due to the swing and raise it up off the floor. I used solid plastic shims and it works fine.

    A couple things that other say stand true. One is the powder coat, does scratch easy and mine already came with a damaged box. Well I'm lying, the box was obliterated and I had some deep dings and quite a few chips of paint missing. It isn't an issue as it's a lifting rack.

    So onto the rack itself. This thing is solid. I put mine up with 2*8 stringers across 5 studs using
    GRK Fasteners 5/16 in. x 4 in. Rugged Structural Screw (45-Piece per Pack, Home Depot). They are a tad more expensive than normal lag screws but the cutting is great and do NOT split any of the wood, and are SOLID.

    I then used 3 ' deep cut lag screws and 2" wood screws to mount the rack to stringer. It does not move at all.

    The pull up bar it thick, good for a grip, I don't mind it and have no issues doing straight pull ups at 6'2"

    The dip bars work very well, again, no issue with my height.

    My only real issue is the width. As per the specs, you have VERY LITTLE play on both ends of the bar with a weight on. it's VERY EASY to hit your J cups or even spotter arms with a larger weight, i.e 45lb or 50 lb. That makes it pretty unsafe with heavy weight doing any type of bench. I have Ironmaster heavy weights and have to use small weights closest to the rack before anything big goes on the bar.

    Their normal racks are in fact 2" less I believe and I can see them working fine. This should have been thought out better. You can't move the mounts closer as the pull up bar is set to a certain width stopping a less wide rack.

    If you have concrete on the bassboard, you also may have an issue placing the spotter arms. I cannot place them low for doing decline bench due to the bolts getting in the way.

    All in all I'm pretty happy due to the price and that I can work around it with my other weights. Others may not be so lucky.

  14. Titan T3 folding Power Rack review by Lenny on 7/25/2016

    solid construction very good quality once we completed the install we ran it through the paces and it survived. Has I continue using this folding power rack I will provide more feedback. Currently though very satisfied overall with the quality and price. Also need to mention the support team my setup was different then the standard and they quickly answered my questions, well done

  15. Solidly built review by maxpower on 7/25/2016

    I've only had it for a week, but as many people mention, this is an extremely solid bar. It took me a while to decide on buying this, as it seems expensive for a couple of pieces of metal. It's much larger and heavier than I really expected, even knowing the measurements, so make sure you really visualize the space where you want to put it. I mounted it to 2x6's and into studs with structural screws and it seems solid. The welds look tough and the powder coating seems durable. It sticks out far enough that I plan on hanging a heavy bag from it. I'm removing a star because there are no real installation instructions or suggestions, beyond the minimum lag bolt size.

  16. Solid rack for a really Solid price review by Koy on 7/25/2016

    I just received this rack a few days ago a just got done installing it. I did allot of research around the web for a foldable squat rack and only came across to other manufacturers made this type of rack. Rouge and Again faster. After comparing prices, specs and reviews I chose to go with Titan Fitness. This is my honest review for the Titan T-3 "23" folding rack and spotter arms. Please keep in mind that these are just my opinions.

    Purchasing experience: 5 stars all the way.

    When I first logged into the Titan Fitness website I took advantage of the 10% off coupon with email sign. Up. I decided to make my purchase from Titan Fitness.com instead of Amazon.com because of 2 reasons.

    1. The spotter arms were just $50 to add on with the purchase of the rack. If you buy them without the squat rack they are $69.99 (Amazon has the same spotter arms for $75)

    2. I was able to save some money by suing the 10% off promo code.

    Shipping and packing: 5 Stars

    My order came in fairly quickly considering I’m on the West Coast. They came in 3 nicely packed 3 boxes and all the items were wrapped in plastic bags. They shipped for free.

    Quality and fitment: 4 Stars

    I was pretty impressed with the built quality and heftiness/thickness of steel. I truly believe that it a great value considering the price. The black paint finish is nice but the paint does chip away when hit with minimal force. It was apparent that the plastic bags used to wrap the items in aren’t thick enough to prevent the metal components from hitting and rubbing each other during shipping because several of mine were scuffed, chipped and marked all over. This didn’t bother me at all because it didn’t affect the functionality of the rack. Seriously, it’s a squat rack not furniture. The welds could have been better but they look adequate. The mounting arms lined up nicely with the main poles and all the locking pins fit into the all the slots without issue. Only annoying issue I've found was that 2 out of the 4 J-hooks wouldn't mount to the post because the back metal brace of the J-hook wasn't opened enough. I had to beat them with sledge hammer on a vise to open them up just enough so that they would slid over the post and lock into place. I doubt they were bent-inwards during shipment. My assumption is that they weren’t test fitted before being boxed up.

    Installation: 4

    Mounting the arms to the post and bolting everything together was easy and took maybe 25 minutes. In my case the mounting of the rack to my wall took a while because of the incline of my garage floor, the fact that my wall was a little warped and because I had some high and low spot on the floor that the post would catch on as I opened and closed it. The instruction’s trouble shoot page did help me resolve this issue. I was able to install the rack without any help so a 1-person install is possible. I wish the website had a how to video as a basic guide. For the moment they have a tab for video’s but nothing it in it.

    My conclusion:
    I’m really happy with this rack. It takes about a minute and a half to open and lock in the arms and mount the pull up bar. It’s solid as F and which gives me the confidence to lift and bench heavy. The ability to fold it up and free up space is a total win because I can park my car in the garage with plenty of space to spare. Overall, I think this rack is a good value and I would definitely purchase again.

  17. Impressive Rack! review by BrianGNixon on 7/19/2016

    My wife and I have been looking at different racks and cages for probably a year. Doing research and waiting for a good sale. After finding this rack I looked at multiple reviews and YouTube videos to see how it compares to other, more expensive racks. So first off, customer service was incredible and even when a box arrived torn by FedEx, Titan was on it and ready to mail is any replacement parts we needed that were missing or damaged; thankfully everything was perfect. The price! It's over half off from other brands for the same quality setup. We ordered 5-6 days ago and even with a weekend getting in the way we have everything built and setup in the garage as of today at 3pm. The welds are top notch, holes are laser cut, all of the anchors are high quality and everything you need is included to build the rack; you just have to provide the 2x10's and the lag bolts to anchor the rack. We are extremely pleased and can't wait to get started using this thing. It's solid as a rock and the pull-up bar girth is perfect for me and my 5'5" wife. We purchased the spotter arms and they arrived with the same high quality welds and paint. I would highly recommend this rack to anyone looking to get their personal gym going. We took a few pics but I am not sure if I can post those here.

  18. Great rack for the price review by Jimbo on 7/16/2016

    Very happy with this rack . Very sturdy would definitely buy it again I'd I had to. Only thing bad to say if I was knit picking it it came in 2 shipments and pull up bar a little fat .which can be a good thing in the long run.

  19. Top Quality review by Ken on 7/4/2016

    I was hesitant at first thinking "You get what you pay for," seeing it was about $200 lower than the Rogue, $300+ lower when you count shipping. I am impressed with the quality, laser cut holes, and amazing customer service. Wouldn't hesitant to recommend to anyone looking for a great rack with limited garage space.

  20. So far so good review by Dan on 6/20/2016

    Heavy duty stuff! Heavy to maneuver around, but relatively straightforward install. Could probably ship with recommended bolts and washers or at least provide descriptions in the instructions. Other than that, it went up and has been working great. VERY sturdy!

  21. Garage gym finally possible! review by Greg on 6/17/2016

    Love the versatility, strength, and quality of this gum. Finally able to make my garage happen and still park my truck

  22. Awesome Rack review by largofl on 6/8/2016

    Great quality and price. This rack was easy to put together and has no problem handling everyday use. I am over 6ft and I'm able to do pull ups and toes to bar no problem. I also use it as my anchor point for my Battle rope (rope purchased through Titan) and wife uses it to anchor her TRX system. Titan has something good going on and I hope they keep it up. Thanks Titan.

  23. Amazing Rack review by Mike L on 5/31/2016

    Built like a rock, very heavy frame and solid. Seriously this is heavier than the one at the commercial gym I used to frequent.

    Great height for the pull up bar, as a 5'10” male I am able to have my legs hang straight down and they never touch the floor

    Pull-up bar does not move, even when pulled in an outward direction when using it as an anchor point for bands exercises.

    Easily folds up and stores neatly and when it's time to use it it sets up in a snap

    Of course the price can not be beat. For a $279 this is an amazing piece of equipment, every home gym should have this!

    The hole spacing allows for fine adjustments to meet anyones demands.

    I purchased the spotter arms and they have allowed me to really push myself. I thought that when squatting I would step back to far making them useless, but being 24” long they are plenty big. I failed yesterday at the bottom of my squat and I was able to sit down and the spotter arms safely took the weight!

    Dip attachment is extremely solid once placed on the rack and doesn't move

    The paint is easily marked up when inserting the J Cups and Spotter arms or attaching and detaching the pull-up bar. However; this is just cosmetic and does not actually damage the steel itself.
    The J hooks are all righties (unless they just accidentally shipped me all righties) but you get two sets included so that washes out for me.
    Packaging could be better, it is shipped in a box and the parts are in plastic bags. The parts rub against each other causing cosmetic marks to the paint prior to opening the box.
    Honestly the paint doesn't bother me at the end to the day it's solid and strong and will take a lot of abuse.

    Installation: Installation was fairly easy, I completed it by myself. I am by no means an engineer, I do however have some experience in building construction. Here is some food for thought. I tied the 2x10's into 5 consecutive studs and had the board continue 3” on either side of the outer studs. I used 3/8 4” lag screws (10 per board).
    I installed this in my garage which slopes down toward the drive way. To compensate for this I set the rack in a closed position on the wall after marking the inside mounting hole distances as described in the directions. Once I got it level, I used the smaller holes next to the mounting holes to drive drywall screws into the 2x10. This allowed me to install the rack and open it making sure it would function properly and was level once deployed, before drilling large holes for the lag screws to mount the rack. Due to the slope of the garage the legs did not touch the floor, which you can expect if not mounting in a level area. To fix this I used wood shims and have since replaced them with plastic shims from amazon designed to handle 1,800 lbs of force. Once I confirmed that every thing was plumb and level I drilled holes for the 3.5” ½ lag screws. Also don't forget to use heavy duty washers.

  24. Beautiful Rack & Solid review by John K on 5/31/2016

    This thing is solid & Folds up nicely. The pull-up bar is a little fat - But I like it for grip training.

  25. 21.5 Folding Rack review by Ange on 5/23/2016

    Awesome piece of equipment.

  26. Great Rack! review by Mb on 5/20/2016

    the only negative is that it didn't come with the wood 6x2 to be attached to the wall. The picture includes a TITAN log one

  27. Quality for great value review by Texas on 5/10/2016

    Rack is solid as a rock once mounted. Called them in with questions and they had immediate answers. Used 3/4 lag bolt with a 1/4 washer to mount board to stud. Read directions carefully. Folds away great.

  28. Great for the price review by Johnny on 5/4/2016

    Rack was delivered very fast and assembly was fairly easy. I had to supply the lag bolts and stringer boards. Black finish is not all that great, but is going to take a beating anyway. Built like a tank and very sturdy. Compared to the price of the rogue folding racks this is the economic way to go. Would give 5 stars but due to the cosmetics and the additional expense of materials I can only give 4.

  29. greatness review by josh on 4/17/2016

    Look its a squat rack people it doesn't need to be nice perfect. It goes up easy and does the job its meant for. Yes the pull up bar is thicker than normal instead of complaining just think about how good your grip will get. If you want it smaller cut it off and go to a welder in your town for a smaller one. I am 5'6" and just wish I dig the 41 in one. Pull UPS are fine but toes to bars get close. Well done and for the price you can't beat it. Also wish I did the spotter arms..

  30. LOVE LOVE LOVE...BUT... review by Ahunt on 3/26/2016

    This rack is awesome. Absolutely perfect for a home gym and won't break the bank! BUT...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE create a standard size pull-up bar! I would buy this in a heartbeat. The fat bar is not easy to keep a hold of for women. Everything else about this is awesome. I really can't say enough about it.

  31. Love this thing! review by Jessica A on 3/11/2016

    Had mine over a month now and I love it! Decided to cut my box membership to save some money but outfitted my garage for what a years membership would have been. Got the folding rack, dip bars, pull up bar, spotter racks, battle rope, olympic bar and bumper plates all for under a grand!!! This thing was easy to put together and works great. The finish is as good as anything else I have looked at or better (way better than some of the racks at Dicks and Sports Authority!). Im only 5'3' so chose to mount the pullup bar a bit lower and I love the grip of the bar, although I know some people like a smaller bar. I wrapped it in trainer tape and the grip is tight. Thanks Titan, and please keep putting out more accessories/attachments. This chick is gonna get SWOLE!

  32. Buy This Rack! review by FinallyFit on 3/10/2016

    Bought this as an alternative to the Rogue only for price as the specs were the same. Wasn't sure what the quality was going to be based off the price but since I don't need to throw around 600-1000 lbs I felt safe. My fiance has a Dicks Fitness Gear half rack which suits her (shes 5'2" and 105 lbs so wont be throwing around the 600lb limit). The welds on the Fitness Gear are suspect , so I was unsure on what the Titan quality would be. Let me say, this rack is quality. The holes are laser cut and clean. The fit, finish and welds are top notch. Communication from Titan was quick and responsive. As someone else said, I had a slight slope from my garage wall so the swing was tight. Chose to let it swing so I use a shim when open. Not sure if i could have just mounted it and let the plastic sliders wear a bit to let it settle. Mounted on 2x2x10's w/3"3/8 lag bolts from stringer to stud, then 8 x 2.5" lags in the big holes, and 16x5/16" lags in the small mounting holes. May remount if I get stall matting but I love this thing. I do wish that Titan had a vertical bar holder and land mine attachment. Quality product!

  33. Looks good, works great, very compact. review by Jason on 3/10/2016

    I was trying to order the T3 free standing rack via the mobile website and ended up ordering this by mistake. It's worked out great though! Having ordered the spotter arms anyway I see no reason to need to squat/lift inside a cage if you're lifting safely and within your limits a full cage really isn't necessary. It came well packed, and extremely fast(shipped to Maryland)!

    Yes I've had a bit of the paint flaking that some of the people have complained about but its barely noticeable. You're gonna get some wear if you're lifting regularly anyway.

    The price is super economical, the space savings is awesome, and the design is great looking all way cheaper than other similar folding racks or even many free standing cages.

  34. Quality product. Outfitted my complete gym for under a grand. review by MIchael H on 3/8/2016

    As mentioned above, we all came here looking at alternatives to the Rogue for price alone. The build, price, fit and standard specs sold me. My girlfriend and I had it mounted in an hour. I have a lower ceiling so had to mount the pullup bar under the swing arm vice above. Mounted it w/ 3" 3/8" lag screws to mount both the stringer to the studs as well as the mounting bracket to the stringer. Added 3" 5/8" lag screws in the larger holes w/washers. My garage slopes from the wall so had to play with the measurements in order to get it to swing properly w/o wedging. Shipped quick, packaging was tight and communication from Titan was quick. Topped it off w/ plyo boxes, battle rope and spotter arms. Bought my bumpers and bar from Fring and built a wood storage box for the bumpers. Only wish Titan offered a landmine attachment and tbars. Completely satisfied.

  35. Outstanding Piece of Gear review by TX_Xfit on 3/5/2016

    Went for this rig over the Rogue and it was a great decision. Two small gripes, the pull-up bar is way too big and the instructions were horrible; luckily I'm a mechanical engineer and it wasn't that hard to figure out. The positives far out way the negatives though. The rig is very very solid and feels more secure that most box rigs. I definitely recommend this rig!

  36. Such an amazing value...With ONE wish review by Ahunt on 3/4/2016

    I just got this all set up (super easy!) and bolted down. I'm very impressed with the quality. It really feels like the big fancy competitor brand with the big fancy price tag. The only wish I have is that it had the standard, skinny pull up bar. It really is harder to do them on the fat bar. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider offering a discount to people who have purchased this and want the skinny bar when it's available. And PLEASE hurry ;)
    Again, I am so happy I went with this rack. Will recommend over and over again. THANK YOU for making a great affordable product.

  37. AWESOME - except for the fat pull up bar review by Rina on 2/22/2016

    Great product! I love my Titan rig, it's extremely solid and reliable. All the parts were cut precisely and the holes all line up. The only gripe I have is the pull up bar is too thick!! It's not even standard sized, coming in at 2" in diameter so I'm just using it as a hanger for olympic rings. I'm hoping Titan comes out with a skinnier bar, definitely will be in line to buy that!

  38. Quality, Price and Service review by GM on 2/13/2016

    I just happened to run across the Titan website as I was in search of a wall mount pull up bar. I saw the 21.5" power rack and realized that it would take the place of my bulky bench a separate pull up bar and a squat rack. My buddy has a rogue set up but it's not foldable, having that feature was a bonus as my workout area is only 12' by 12'. I compared prices of rogue rack to the Titan rack, it was roughly half the price and shipping was free so for me that's a no brainer. Shipping was fast and assembly was fairly easy. I did have to flip my rack arms around to accommodate the space for the swinging arm brackets. So basically I had to attach the brackets at the furthest holes at the top, which required me to connect the pull up bar a few holes down, the only downside to that is that I now have to bend my legs a little to do pull ups. The quality of the rack is second to none. I will definitely purchase again from Titan.

  39. MUST HAVE!! review by Traci on 1/26/2016

    I was a bit skeptical about buying this at first. I had never heard of Titan Fitness but wanted a folding rack for my garage to save room when not in use. I looked at Rogue, but they were a bit expensive. After talking to my husband, we took the plunge.. WE COULDN'T BE HAPPIER WITH IT!!! We purchased the spotter arms for the additional $50 and my husband had zero problem putting it together! This rack is HEAVY DUTY, and the quality is amazing! The spotter arms are worth the extra expense. I ordered it on a Saturday and it arrived on Tuesday! Super fast AND FREE shipping! It's safe to say, we'll be coming back to Titan Fitness for all of our needs!!

  40. Wish I could assemble it but it's cut wrong review by Chris on 1/25/2016

    I went for this rack over the rogue folding rack due to the price. I really wish I hadn't. Let's start with the good.
    1. It shipped fast.
    2. It was $300 cheaper than Rogue.
    Now onto the terrible.
    1. The paint was chipping out of the box.
    2. The pin holes to lock the cage into place are misaligned and the pins supplied do not fit in half the holes. This coming from a company claiming laser cut precision.
    3. The customer service. I have sent multiple emails and called 4-5 times with no issue resolution or even a response back. I finally got a hold of someone on the shop floor that told me to go buy new pins and then hung up.

    Do yourself a favor and do not buy this rack and put your money towards the Rogue rack where the powder coating actually feels and looks great and there are no fitment issues.

  41. Amazing Value! review by Craig on 1/5/2016

    So, many of us are probably here for the same reason...we saw the price of the Rogue Fitness 21.5" folding power rack and about fell over! Once I started getting interested in a folding rack like this, I figured there had to be a better value out there other than the nearly identical one from Rogue for $500!! With Titan Fitness I have been very happy with price, customer service, the shipping, quality, etc! I ordered this on Wednesday Dec 30th (shipped same day) and it was delivered by 11am Monday January 4th! And you get FREE SHIPPING! That's pretty amazing on a 150lb item. Rogue does not even offer free shipping. Shipping for the nearly identical rack from Rogue was $77.81 to my home and would ship in 10-14 business days. I received mine from Titan in 6 days...and that was over New Years! I almost feel like I'm robbing Titan Fitness it is such a good deal. Also, customer service was always very fast and courteous whenever I had questions before I decided to make my purchase.

    The instructions could be a little more specific or more detailed in the sense of recommending what hardware to use for mounting to the two 2"x10" spacers. Definitely not going to dock any stars for that. I used numerous 3" coarse thread screws for attaching the spacers to the studs and used 3" 3/8" lag screws and washers to attach the side bracings to the 2"x10" spacers. On each side of the brace there are 2 screw holes and 1 hole for a bolt and washer. Pictured on their site, it just shows a hole for a bolt. Not sure if they all look like this or if the pictures on the website are older.

    To be honest, of course I was a little skeptical since I had not heard of Titan Fitness before and because the rack was so much less than the well known Rogue Fitness brand. I am 100% happy with this purchase. Unless you plan on opening a commercial gym, this rack will definitely do the job for a quality home gym. This rack is extremely solid and will more than likely hold up for the rest of my life. The rack is 2"x3" 11 gauge steel. You also get two sets of J Hooks which is an added bonus. I ordered the spotter arms as well and you can even store them on the rack when it is closed! Very convenient! I am very happy I went with Titan!

  42. Great price but... review by JoseM on 12/14/2015

    The price point for this item is excellent. It feels sturdy and gives my garage gym more of a commercial and clean gym feel. No more pull up bar in the threshold of my door!

    The rack came shipped in two boxes. All the parts were wrapped well and I didn't notice any obvious damage. The box it was shipped in looked like it went through hell and back but everything was ok!

    Here's the bad part: There were no installation instructions. I wouldn't bat an eye to pay an additional $20 for this product if it included a detailed installation manual. I was emailed, by customer service, an installation diagram and a parts list. Honestly, I'm not a carpenter and I'm not very handy so it was a challenge to install.
    I'm not giving the rack the 5 stars all around that it probably deserves because Titan Fitness didn't provide detailed installation literature. The diagram I was provided created a rack with a pull up bar slightly over 6' above the ground. While this isn't a major issue it's definitely not what's displayed on the pictures. I prefer a bar that I have to "mount" prior to executing my pull ups, so I want to be able to jump up and grab the bar. At just over 6' I am forced to do bent knee pull ups. Kipping is annoying because my feet hit the floor after every rep.
    I COULD disassemble the rack and reinstall it so that the bar matches the height illustrated on this website but that's not the point. The point is that there should have been detailed instructions which explain that this rack has the ability to be installed in several different positions to allow for different pull up bar heights.
    There should have been detailed instructions that outline what bolts are required. I had to visit a competitors website and use their instructions to buy the parts necessary from the hardware store.

    So, now I have to take the rack off my wall. I'll have to re-position the stringer & patch up the holes. I'll then have to drill everything back into the wall. All this double work could have been avoided if they would have provided a little more instruction.

  43. Solid rack w/ minor grievances review by Adrian on 11/30/2015

    The rack is solid and easy to install. It shipped quickly and customer service was excellent. With the pull up bar at its highest position I can perform pull ups without much bending of my legs (I'm 6'2", standing reach ~96") Kipping will take a bit of practice and some confidence since I'll have my back to the wall, but the rack will hold up without a doubt.

    My (minor) issues with the rack are:
    1 - The pull up bar is 1.5 inches in diameter instead of the usual 1.25 for crossfit style training and the powder coat is very smooth. The larger bar and smooth paint have caused issues for my wife.
    2 - The tolerances for the pins are very small making it hard to get the pins to slide in. I understand this is needs to be tight to limit lateral shifting of the rack but it may be caused by the pivot arms not being level with the factory assembled hinge point.

    Overall, solid rack and just some small adjustments to make it excellent (IMO).

  44. Excellent and well worth it! review by Ben on 11/17/2015

    If you're thinking about buying this just go for it. This is one of the highest quality products I have purchased in a long time. It feels sturdy as a rock and for the price you pay it is hard to believe what you get. A product very similar to this from Rogue cost almost twice as much and you have to pay shipping. Get the spotter arms as well, for $50 they are also an unmatched deal. The cost of spotter arms alone on Rogue is $185 and these are just as good. This is an excellent product and should last a lifetime if treated right, not bad for $269.

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Does this include the 2 wood pieces for the wall? Or do we need to go and buy those?
The wood stringers are not included.

Titan Support
Titan Fitness answered on January 28, 2018
Does the 21.5" Fold Back T-3 Power Rack Wall Mount come with a pull up bar?
Yes, the power rack will come with a pull-up bar as pictured.

Titan Support
Titan Fitness answered on December 19, 2017
Do the legs drag the ground as you fold it in and out or do they lift slightly in the bracket to allow for the swing in and out?
The legs will slide across the floor or ground. You want to make sure you have the bottom end caps on the legs to allow a smoother function.
Titan Fitness answered on June 12, 2018
what kind of bolt/hardware would I use to secure the arms into the stringers? And does it have to be on a wall stud?
We recommend you attach boarding securely to a minimum of four studs. To attach the stringers to the boards, you can use M16 wood screws.
Titan Fitness answered on May 24, 2018
Am I able to change the bottom mounting arm location from the current 2 & 5 location to the 3&6 location on the T-3 folding rack?
Yes, the mounting bars can be shifted up or down to your liking.
Titan Fitness answered on May 23, 2018
How much does the rack hold?
The weight capacity is dependent upon how and what the rack is mounted too, the rack itself has a capacity of 800 lbs.

Titan Support
Titan Fitness answered on December 14, 2017
The way my garage is set up it has a concrete bottom that is flush with the wall. Would you recommend putting the bottom part in the concrete?
You can mount the Wall Mounted Racks into concrete. Be sure to use concrete anchors with the 3/8" x 3" bolts.
Titan Fitness answered on May 31, 2018
Is 50" the overall width including the brackets, or the width of the uprights only?
That measurement is from upright to upright
Titan Fitness answered on June 13, 2018
Can you mount a wall ball target to this rack??
The Wall Ball Target can be used on the Wall Mounted Foldable Racks. Adjustments would be needed on the Pull Up Bar or the Target because they will interfere with each other.
Titan Fitness answered on June 7, 2018
What is the recommended depth to go when mounting the stringers to poured cement wall?
We do not have a recommended depth to drill into a concrete wall. Consult your local hardware store for the appropriate anchors to mount this rack into the wall.

Titan Support
Titan Fitness answered on May 24, 2018
What is the diameter of the pull up bar? Do you sell one that the diameter is smaller, that is compatiable with this rack? Thanks.
It comes with a 2" Pull Up Bar. We do offer separately a 1.25" Pull Up Bar on the website.
Titan Fitness answered on June 7, 2018
I want to use this in my garage, but the floor is slanted. Is it still possible to mount this corrected on an unlevel concrete surface?
We highly recommend mounting this with a level floor.
Titan Fitness answered on May 24, 2018
Is it possible to get spotter arms for this rack?
Great question. Yes you can attach spotter arms for this power rack. Below is the link to the spotter arms that is compatible.


Titan Support
Titan Fitness answered on January 19, 2018
Can the pull up bar only be set at one height or can you adjust it up and down?
The height of the Pull Up Bar can be adjusted lower if needed. It will pin through the holes on the front of the rack.
Titan Fitness answered on May 15, 2018
Can the side bracings be mounted into concrete?
Yes, we recommend purchasing concrete anchors and bolts if you are mounting to concrete.
Michael answered on August 1, 2017
What gauge steel is the rack?
The T-3 power racks are made of 11 gauge steel.

Titan Support
Titan Fitness answered on December 28, 2017