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Titan T-3 Independent Upright Squat Stand Weight Rack


Titan T-3 Series HD Power Rack 36" Deep

Titan T-3 Series Short Power Rack

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Quick Overview

The Titan T-3 series short power rack will help you work out safely and efficiently while performing squats, military press, bench press, and curls.

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The Titan T-3 series short power rack will help you work out safely and efficiently while performing squats, military press, bench press, curls, shrugs, dips and more. 

T-3 series racks have 2"x3" steel tubes and two pull up bars, 1 1/4" & 2" diameters. It is designed specifically to fit in rooms with short ceilings as low as just 7 ft tall. The wide walk-in design offers plenty of side-to-side movement for a variety of total body exercises. On the left and right sides there are spotter bars designed to catch the barbell and help you stay safe when bench-pressing. In addition, the rack offers a total of 21 positions, helping it accommodate different heights and exercises. Includes 1 pair of official Titan J-Hooks and 2 pairs of 2” Olympic weight plate holders. 

- T-3 Series of Power Racks contain 2"x3" steel tubes 
- Capacity: 1000 lbs 
- 1" round steel j-hooks 
- Chin up bars: 1 1/4" & 2" diameter 
- Includes J-Hooks and weight holders

- Weight: 230 lb 
- Height: 82 1/4" 
- Height of pull up bar: 77" 
- Outside width: 53 1/4"
- Inside width: 42 1/8"
- Outside depth: 32 3/4
- Inside depth: 24"
- Floor space: 12.11 square feet
- Material: Steel

Usage: Use this to perform different exercises and store plates for weight training; 2 different sized bars for pull ups; J-hooks to store and load/unload barbell plates
Versatility: 2” and 1.25” pull up bars for different-sized hands and can hold straps and exercise bands; J-hooks can hold barbells and dumbbells for different types of strength training; Holes on sides allow J-hooks, weight holders & spotter bars to be re-positioned for your needs; Square tubes are 2”x3” 
Safety: Spotter bars below J-hooks for bench pressing spotting; Heavy duty steel provides stability; Weight capacities - 1,000 lb, Pull up bars - & J-hooks -
Dimensions: Outside – 82 1/4”x53 1/4”x32 3/4”; Inside – 42 1/8”x24”; Pull up bars – 2” & 1 1/4"; 230 lb
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  1. Great review by Heather on 3/2/2018

    GREAT product. I'm only 5"7 and it's perfect for me and I'm also glad I got the short rack not only did I save some money the normal sized one wouldn't have fit in my basement! I didn't even need to bolt it down. I have the anchors to do so but currently it's not needed. I've had me and my nephew both doing pull ups on each size and it's never budged. Overall 2000% worth the money. BEST Investment I've bought

  2. Great quality-to-price value review by Zachary on 3/1/2018

    I had a CAP half rack that I used for a little over a year. It served me well but it was time to upgrade. I lift alone in my garage so I wanted a full power rack with safety pins, etc. After much research, I decided on the Titan T-3 Short. I ordered on a Thursday and it came in the next Monday. It was quicker shipping than I expected. I live in Louisiana so I think I'm fairly close to one of their warehouses.

    As far as the rack, I assembled it myself in an hour. Instructions were straight forward. I like how they package the bolts with nuts/rings already on, makes it easier to deal with. My old CAP rack used to wobble when I would do pull ups, but this thing doesn't move even when I swing on it. It's not bolted down currently although I plan on building a platform in a few weeks.

    Make sure you measure the height in your garage/basement/whatever. I was originally looking at the T-3 regular, but went with the Short seeing as it would fit better in my garage. I'm 5'10" and can unrack a squat with not fear of hitting my head. My wife is 5'6" and she can still reach the pull up bar so that's nice too.

    Overall, this rack was the best quality-to-price value I could find, and this was after researching Rogue, EliteFTS, Fitness Reality, etc. Would recommend.

  3. Great Rack review by David on 11/29/2017

    I ordered this rack on Black Friday and had it the following Tuesday!! That is fast, fast shipping if you ask me. I received the product undamaged with the packaging still in tact (this had been a problem in a couple of previous reviews). The rack itself is built very well. I noticed very solid welds across the board on everything (some were sloppy but the majority were very clean). It only took about 30 minutes to get this thing fully assembled including tightening all bolts (leave them loose until the entire unit is assembled). I had my first workout on it today and it performed flawlessly. I DO NOT have this rack bolted down and it is very sturdy with no wobble whatsoever. I am very impressed with this and will be continuing to give my business to Titan Fitness for all other workout needs.

  4. Fantastic rack review by David on 10/17/2017

    Was pleasantly surprised. It seems titan has fixed almost all the issues I have heard they had early on.

    - Laser cut holes - no dimples in the 2x3s.
    - Good finish
    - Easy assembly.

    Only two recommendations I have:
    - Welds could be cleaner
    - Would be nice if a cheap cardboard spacer was included to ensure the bottom of the rack is square with the top of the rack while bolting down. Just something to keep the uprights 42" apart. I had to go back and forth with a measuring tape multiple times before tightening all the bolts.

  5. Excellent quality and affordability! review by Jordan on 10/9/2017

    This is an excellent power rack at an amazing price point. Packaging was very solid. It was straightforward to assemble and once mounted into the floor has no wobble, shake, or give. The finish is respectable. I recommend buying a metallic sharpie to write numbers on the westwide hole spacing.

    Note: 1 Upright did arrive with 3 minor dents (They did not affect performance). I took pictures of the damage, sent it to Titan support, and they quickly processed my ticket and are sending me a replacement upright free of charge. Excellent customer service. A+

  6. Great product review by matthew on 9/19/2017

    Product is everything I expected it to be. I've worked out on probably half a dozen different rigs or racks from different manufacturers. This is the cheapest one by oricr but top 3 for quality. Yes rogue has an outstanding finish. But you don't get everything you get with this one as far as included accessories and its twice the price. This is solid. Has handled 435 on it already and it didn't budge, wobble, or shake. Fasteners are tough and durable. Welds are clean. No metallic shards. And coating is clean. I had no Knicks or dings or chipping. Well worth the money.

  7. You get a decent product for the cost review by Trainer LO on 8/31/2017

    The rack is good in function. The quality isn't anywhere near the quality you would get from other companies. The paint job is shoddy and won't look good after frequent use. The fat pull-up bar/support is not uniform and very wavy.... It doesn't distract from the function, but it looks cheap. One particular horizontal bar was slightly warped (more from poor welding), but I was able to finagle it into place. The j-hooks work fine, but again, slightly warped. I guess it's expected that you'll have to bypass imperfections as long as you know you're getting a deal.

    If you're needing something for a garage, this is your best bet. It works, but don't expect anything other than an affordable rack.

  8. Great rack review by GarageGorilla on 7/11/2017

    I've been around gyms for a while and I have to say this is one of my favorite racks ever. I have completed in strongman , powerlifting competitions and now I am shifting towards obstacle course racing and this rack fits all my needs. Best money I ever spent

  9. Solid economical rack! review by John on 6/6/2017

    The T3 is an amazing rack for the price!

    I ordered it on Memorial Day, a Monday, the first box showed up Thursday, the second box, Friday. Based on the tracking info, I think FedEx caused the second box delay. Either way, that's fast free shipping.

    My basement has 83" ceilings, mounting this rack on 3/4" plywood was a near perfect fit. I'm about 5' 11 1/2" tall. I was able to mount the upper crossmembers and pull up bars low enough to comfortably fit my head above the bar during pull ups, while also not having to worry about my head hitting the bars while unracking for squats.

    The rack is very solid, j-hooks and safety bars have no problem at all handling heavy weight. I've only tested about 300 pounds so far, rack didn't even notice the weight being there.

    The westside spacing is great for benching.

    The only slight downside, it was delivered with some slight scratches in the coating. Using this on a near daily basis, scratches are gonna happen. I don't really see this as an issue, but I know some people will.

    With that said, I will absolutely be recommending Titan for any and all gym needs. If you're on the fence about buying a rack, just buy it now, you won't regret it.

  10. Great rack well built review by Clubeche on 2/14/2017

    I really like this rack. I get all kinds of complements when people see it. For the price you can't beat this deal.

  11. Amazing review by RH on 12/31/2016

    The ceiling in my basement is a little low. I bought a regular Titan 3 power rack and put it in the basement. The floors however are not absolutely leveled, so when my wife wanted me to move it to another spot, I ended up cutting 2" off the top. I wish they were selling the short version this past summer, I would have bought one. This rack is absolutely sufficient for my 5x5 program and some pull ups. I also plan on attaching some rubber bands to it as well. I would definitely recommend this rack to a friend. I compare it to the Rogue at my gym and it's comparable, but cheaper.

  12. T-3 Short rack review by Happygirl323 on 12/20/2016

    I bought the T-3 short rack during the Black Friday sales and I'm very pleased with my purchase. I was fortunate to buy when it was in stock. The rack came in two separate boxes (I ordered the dip handles as well which were shipped in their own box) within days of ordering. The two boxes did show up on different days but I think that was a shipper issue.

    Build quality of the rack is very good Given that this is a bolt together rack I was concerned that it might not be sturdy but this rack is built like a tank. Two people with the right tools can put this together pretty quickly. The instructions are a pictogram but it's very obvious what and where everything goes.

    My only gripe is the dip bars. From a functionality standpoint they are fine but the welds are really ugly. I've tested them and they hold my weight with no problem so this is clearly a cosmetic issue but given that the welds on the rack are much nicer, I would expect the same quality.

    I'm confident that I will get lots of use from my new setup and would purchase it again if I had to do it all over.

  13. Great for the Money review by James on 12/11/2016

    I was truly surprised by this rack, I been looking for a good squat rack for quite some time and did not want to pay 1k plus. Titan really came through on this rack. its stable, built well and priced well. Specs and build and comparable to the Rouge R3 in every way.

    check out my in-depth YouTube video to see the Titan T-3 in more detail.

  14. nice unit. review by sl81 on 8/25/2016

    I needed the short unit because I was putting it under an angled ceiling. I opted to build a platform and bolt it down to some 2x6s that were attached to my platform giving me the couple extra inches of height between the ceiling and the top of the rack. Rack seems solid with my 500lbs of weight on the weight holders which I positioned very low.

  15. Awesome Piece review by BMK918 on 7/23/2016

    This is by far and away the best investment I've made for my home gym. My basement is 83" and this fits in there like a glove!! This piece of equipment is strong and sturdy.
    I highly, highly recommend this product

  16. Built solid review by Scott on 7/10/2016

    This thing is thick and heavy, which is perfect for heavy training sessions. There are only a few small things that could be improved upon, such as paint chipping pretty easily and no grip on the pull-up bar. However, the j-hooks and safety bars have handled a lot of weight so far and the westside hole spacing have given me way more training options than I had previously.

  17. Only one fault... review by Vcraig83 on 7/5/2016

    The rig is solid and well built. My ONLY complaint is the coating on the pull-up bar. It is NOT the same as the wall mount pull-bars they sell. It is almost rubbery and your hands stick to it and tear on high volume pull-up or muscle-up work.

  18. 4.5 stars review by Ryan on 7/1/2016

    Great product. Works perfect for what I'm doing. FedEx lady was seriously angry but it was worth it! Titan has unbeatable prices so I would definitely recommend

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Good Morning What colors does the T-3 rack come in? Thanks
The T-3 Rack comes in black.
Michael answered on July 29, 2017
Good afternoon. Does this need to be bolted to the floor??
Titan recommends bolting T-3 racks down to ensure that your uprights remain stable.
Michael answered on July 29, 2017
how far from the ground does the west side hole pattern go up, between the standard rack and the shorty do you loose height there?
Great question. You will not lose any height with the west side spacing on either rack. The west side spacing runs from 24"-48" from the ground on both racks.

Titan Support
Titan Fitness answered on December 15, 2017
What gauge is the steel?
11-Gauge Steel.
Titan Fitness answered on January 29, 2018
Does this rack offer enough space to lift and use the plate storage system?
This rack comes with four plate holders that you can move to other locations on the rack to make a more custom fit. There shouldn't be any interference with your lifting though.

Titan Support
Titan Fitness answered on February 19, 2018
Does it have to be mounted into the ground?
Thank you for contacting us. This rack is designed to be bolted to the floor. Titan does not encourage customers to use this power rack without securing it to the floor.

Titan Support
Titan Fitness answered on December 18, 2017

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