Endurance Equipment

Titan Fitness presents endurance equipment for speed and strength that has been constructed to perform to the exacting standards that you have come to expect.

Endurance Equipment for Speed and Strength

When trying to improve general fitness, there is hardly anything more useful than endurance equipment. There are always two starting paths you can take when selecting the best endurance equipment for speed and strength. Titan Fitness covers both areas of interest with plenty of options, but making sure you select the right equipment for your home gym starts with understanding your goals.

Speed-based training involves focusing on improving your mileage over time by utilizing a program that concentrates on fast-twitch muscle fibers and slow-based muscle fibers. Over time, you will be able to traverse longer and longer distances with less and less physical effort.

Strength-based calisthenics training involves focusing on a program that allows for progressive muscle overload. Doing this not only increases your muscle’s size, but it will also increase your overall strength as your muscles adapt for the next round of training.

The Best Conditioning Equipment for Circuit Training

Titan Fitness takes great pride in delivering the best conditioning equipment for circuit training. This wide array of exceptional cardio and circuit systems allow you to take your endurance to the next level.

High-quality cardio items like push-pull weight sleds with robust foot skids allow you to take advantage of the outdoors and get some vitamin D. Adjustable swing bags and heavy-bag boxing stands keep you light on your feet and flexible for all endurance and circuit exercises.

Kettlebells allow you to embrace centuries-old circuit training methods which provide your body strength and durability. Adjustable bells and loadable swings save you space and keep you in the swinging game while those looking for a more “old-school” experience have access to a wide array of Titan Fitness cast iron bells. They fit perfectly in the hand with just the right grip for transferring force while remaining smooth enough to not tear up your hands.

Perform plyometric exercises in style with a diverse assortment of plyo boxes that will get anyone excited about jumping on a circuit training program, literally! From aesthetic and durable wooden boxes to three-in-one heavy foam boxes, powerful leg muscles are trained with each and every jump.

Weighted balls such as medicine balls, wall balls, and slam balls can be requested in various textures and weights to craft the perfect endurance circuit program for even the most discerning exerciser. Quality rubber used to give superior texture to the scuff-resistant balls keeps your grip secure even during the sweatiest of training days, and the legendary Titan Fitness satisfaction guarantee ensures that they’ll deliver the muscles and endurance you’re looking for after putting in the proper work.

Free Shipping on Interval Training Equipment

Titan Fitness offers free shipping on interval training equipment. Speedy delivery guarantees that you can get started on your training program ASAP.

Get your home gym started off right with strength and conditioning equipment for a more resilient tomorrow.