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Titan Pro Sled System
Item No. 401123
Titan Pro Sled System Fitness 401123 PROSLED
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When properly used, running sleds help reduce strain on the legs and feet, even if you are working with heavy weights. You can train and condition your muscle groups better with the Titan Fitness Pro Sled System, including your abs, glutes, arms, and legs. Create your own unique circuits with this running sled. Add sled rows, pull-throughs, sprints, and squats into your exercise routine. Accessories include the single arch, double arch, high bar, low bar, double handle, lawn boy handle (this must be used with a minimum of one arch attachment), wheelbarrow, wrap-around rail, and even replacement shoes to pair with your sled system. This is a great piece of equipment to add to your home gym. However, if you don’t want to use it indoors, you don’t have to. UHMW plastic ski liners protect the bottom of the sled, so you can use it outdoors.

The Pro Sled System can be used on different types of terrain and hard surfaces, including grass, turf, concrete, and asphalt. This sled weighs about 111 lbs. It has a footprint of 24-in x 40-in and a skid width of 3-in. It’s constructed from 11 GA steel that measures 2-in x 3-in with a plate of 1/4-in. Our sled comes with 2 poles that have a diameter of 1.9-in. The plate’s tube height is 20” and the push pole height is 39 1/2-in. It can accommodate 2-inch Olympic plates (steel or bumper) with plenty of clearance. Add this sled to your workout gear today!

GREAT FOR TRAINING: Weight training is an important way to build and tone your muscles. If you want to get shredded, use the Titan Fitness Sled System. This system allows you to work various muscle groups, including your abdominals, arms, and legs. In no time, you’ll be ripped. Go beast mode with our powerful training sled!

PERFORM MULTIPLE EXERCISES: Sleds introduce a variety of workouts that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. This equipment is incredibly versatile; it can be pushed, pulled, or dragged, working out different muscle groups. You can even attach battle ropes to your sled to bulk up your arms. Perform sled rows, pull-throughs, sprints, and core exercises with this sled system.

USE ON MULTIPLE SURFACES: This sled can be used anywhere, making it ideal for conditioning and training. Use it on grass and turf as well! No matter where you use your sled, you’ll get a great workout. Many football players use this sled to improve their acceleration, power, and strength. Sprinters and runners also depend on sleds to better their speed and agility.

PAIR WITH TITAN SLED ACCESSORIES: At Titan Fitness, you can easily transform this piece of equipment into a wheelbarrow, high/low push sled, or lawn boy push sled. Consider ordering some of the following accessories for your sled from Titan Fitness: a single arch, double arch, high bar, low bar, double handle, lawn boy handle, wheelbarrow, wrap-around rail, or some replacement shoes.

DIMENSIONS: The Titan Pro Sled weighs approximately 111 lbs. It has a skid width of 3-in and a footprint of 24-in x 40-in. It’s made out of heavy-duty 11 GA steel that measures 2-in x 3-in and has a steel plate of 0.5". This sled has 2 poles with a diameter of 1.9-in each. The plate tube height is 20-in and the push pole height is 39 1/2-in. Finally, this sled fits 2-inch Olympic plates (rubber or steel).

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- Multi-function system translates to multiple workouts/exercises with one sled.
- Works as a push, pull, or drag sled with the ability to offer much more! 
- Additional accessories transform the sled into a high/low push sled, wheel barrow, or lawn boy push sled (accessories sold separately). 
- UHMW plastic ski liners protect your sled
- Can be used on grass, turf, concrete, or asphalt. 
- Two 1.9-in diameter poles included
- Fits 2-in Olympic plates (bumper or steel plates) with plenty of clearance.

- Weight: 111 lbs.
- Footprint: 24-in x 40-in
- Skid width: 3-in
- Steel: 2-in x 3-in 11 gauge and 1/4-in plate steel
- Plate tube height: 20-in
- Push Pole Height: 39 1/2-in
- Weight Capacity: 750 lbs.

Main Sled: PROSLED - Titan Pro Sled System

- MSLEDARCH - Single Arch
- MSLED2ARCH - Double Arch
- MSLEDHIB - High Bar
- MSLEDLOB - Low Bar
- MSLEDDHA - Double Handle
- MSLEDLAWN - Lawn Boy Handle 
- MSLEDWBA - Wheel Barrow 
- MSLEDRAIL - Wrap Around Rail 
- PROSLEDSH - Replacement Shoes

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