Junior Gymnastic Large Octagon Style Tumbler Trainer
Item No. 409036
Junior Gymnastic Large Octagon Style Tumbler Trainer Fitness 409036 OCTOTMBL_L
Item No. 409036
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The Titan Fitness™ Octagon Tumbler Trainer is a great tool for all junior gymnast to help with balance training as well as perfecting their routines. With its unique shape, your junior gymnast can improve their backbends, kickovers, cartwheels, round offs, back limbers and hand springs without the need for a spotter. The handle and light weight design allows you to easily move the tumbler to the side when not in use. It has a foam core providing comfort and stability while also being sturdy and firm to properly assist with the technique being performed. The overall size of the octagon tumbling trainer will measure 31” high by 31” wide by 37” long making it the ideal spotter for your young gymnast. GREAT TRAINING TOOL: The octagon shaped tumbler trainer is a must have training tool for your young gymnast. Allow them to build confidence when performing their moves with this unique and affordable spotter that is designed to roll with their motion. HEAVY DUTY DESIGN: The core will be comprised of heavy duty high density foam providing maximum stability and firmness to support your little gymnast. It will only weigh 38 LB making it easy to move around with its attached handle. PERFECT FOR A VARIETY OF MOVES: The Titan Fitness Junior Gymnastic Octagon Trainer allows your junior gymnast to perfect a variety of moves from beginner straddles and bridges, to intermediate moves like cartwheels and backbends. Advanced techniques such as rounds offs and back limbers can also be performed.   PRACTICE AT HOME: This tumbling spotter allows you to now practice at home at an affordable price. No assembly is required and with its lightweight design, you can easily move the octagon tumbler from storage to your practice area.


- Weight: 38 LB
- Height: 31”
- Width: 31”
- Length: 37”
- Color: Red and Black
- Handle Included
- High Density Foam Core
- Heavy Duty Vinyl Cover


The overall dimensions of the octagon shaped tumbler trainer will be 31” high by 31” wide by 37” long. It will have a heavy duty high density foam core along with a wipeable vinyl outer covering. The overall weight will be 38 LB and, with its built in handle, allows you to easily move the octagon tumbler

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