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Plyo Boxes

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Plyo Boxes for Box Jumps

Here at Titan Fitness, we want you to know that a well-rounded equipment collection, including our Olympic plyo boxes for home gyms, can save you tons of money on expensive gym memberships in the long run. Our durable, space-saving plyo boxes give you a wide range of cardio, strength, and HIIT workout options. They are constructed from metal, wood, or foam, and built for your comfort and stability even as you perform at your most intense.

Olympic Plyo Boxes for Home Gyms

All of our plyo boxes have no-slip top surfaces to ensure you land your box jumps safely. If you have never used high-quality plyometric boxes for endurance training, make sure you choose a height you can land 20 reps or more. Classic steel plyo boxes and sets are especially good choices for bulky athletes. If you’re new to plyo or recovering from injury or surgery, you might want to start with one of our extra-tough foam boxes. If you miss, you won’t bang your shins or knees onto a hard corner.

Maybe you have done some 12-inch box jumps and you need a greater challenge, or you know you want to progress past your beginner box. Titan Fitness offers three-in-one plyo boxes starting with 12-, 14-, and 16-inch height options in a single box, plus two overall larger sizes. Just turn the box to the height you need. We also use pro-duty steel construction for adjustable plyo boxes, like our 12-to-24-inch customizable plyo box.

High-Quality Plyometric Boxes for Endurance Training

Whether you are supplementing marathon training, prepping for a muddy survivalist course, or simply keeping yourself in tip-top shape, our high-quality plyometric boxes for endurance training are the perfect addition for variety and intensity. Plyometric exercises work well as components of your HIIT circuit, which makes them the perfect endurance training tools.

High-intensity intervals are shown to be highly effective at increasing overall stamina and power with minimal investment of time. Plyometric exercises use explosive compound movements that build muscle and increase agility. Agility means your capacity to mentally and physically make lightning-fast decisions while maintaining alignment and safety even within powerful movements. The classic box jump is only one example of a plyometric exercise. Plyo boxes can also be used for incline or decline push-up exercises, squat step-overs, incline or decline lunges, and pike support for shoulder stamina and handstand training. Power, balance, core stability, and grace can improve with plyometrics.

Free Shipping on Adjustable Plyo Boxes

Titan Fitness is proud to offer affordably priced, high quality fitness equipment and free shipping on adjustable plyo boxes. Our main goal is to deliver the best professional-quality products for your most ambitious fitness goals at fair prices.

Built with durability, versatility, and space-saving in mind, these plyo boxes for home gyms can help you reach your goals on a schedule that works best for you.