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Quality Weight Balls

Titan Fitness has weight balls in a variety of materials as well as weights. From leather-wrapped medicine balls and rubber medicine balls to treaded-rubber slam balls, you can find affordable, high-quality weight balls that will last a lifetime.

Olympic Weight Balls for Endurance Training

Olympic weight balls for endurance training may help you improve your core strength as well as endurance. The weights begin at 6 pounds for our medicine balls and go up to 150 pounds for our slam balls. Weights can accommodate seasoned lifters, beginners, and children.

The medicine ball can be used for repetitive motions such as throws or squats, traditional trunk-twists, presses, sit-ups, and more. These balls are not meant for slamming. The medicine ball is ergonomic, making it easy to throw, catch, and carry even for those times when you're sweaty. If you're looking for slam balls, we carry those as well.

Shop Wall and Slam Balls for At-Home Workouts

Are you outfitting your home gym? Shop wall and slam balls for at-home workouts. Slam them against a wall or on the ground. They are made to take abuse and designed to be strong and last through abundant slams.

Which size is right for you? Women often choose slam balls in the 10-pound ball to 25-pound ball range while kids and beginners might opt for a 10-pound slam ball. Slam balls also come with a treaded grip in sizes that range from 10 pounds to 150 pounds. Use them for squats, lunges, and overhead presses.

With the ability to add overhead lunges, ball slams, push-ups, bear crawls, Russian twists, squat throws, thrusters, air squats, sit-ups, and more at home, slam balls are versatile. Look through the variety of weights and shop wall and slam balls for at-home workouts that are right for you.

Weights on treaded slam balls are clearly marked so that you know you have the right ball when you go to pick it up. You might want to have a slam ball in several sizes for the times you are doing reps as well as when you want something heavy. These balls are also great for releasing pent-up frustration and energy in addition to improving your athletic life.

Wall balls are a type of medicine ball that are not meant for slamming. They are ideal for standard medicine ball exercise routines and partner workout challenges.

Free Shipping on Titan Fitness Weighted Medicine Balls

Did you know that we offer free shipping on Titan Fitness weighted medicine balls? We make outfitting your home gym affordable. There are weight balls that are right for your needs and those of others in your home whether they're kids or beginners.

Picking the right weight balls for your fitness routine can make a world of difference. Be sure to take into account the type of ball as well as the weight and size to maximize the effectiveness of your workout. Choosing the right gear will help you stay safe while meeting your fitness goals.