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Quality Freestanding Storage

If you have a private gym at your home or even run a fitness business, then you know how much space equipment can take up. Equipment storage is flexible and makes it easy to store heavy and bulky gear. You may need special mass storage systems to keep your equipment safe. This will save you some space and keep the workout area organized and safe. In addition, your equipment will also be easily accessible, and you can save time while switching from one workout to the next.

Freestanding Storage for Home Gyms

These freestanding gym storage stands are a great solution to your gym storage needs. You can store various equipment, including dumbbells, weight plates, power blocks, Olympic bars, and many more. They are heavy-duty and usually made of steel to hold capacities well over 1,000 pounds. Most include wagon wheels, which means you can easily move them.

Shop Freestanding Storage Systems for Gym Equipment

There are various mass storage systems you can choose from, depending on the type of gym tools you have. The size of your home gym also determines the type of equipment you need. Here are some of our freestanding storage systems:

  • Portable Plate and Barbell Storage Tree: This storage tree by Titan features six pegs, each with a 2-inch diameter that can hold Olympic weight plates. There are two vertical sleeves for storing 50mm-diameter Olympic bars and locking caster wheels at the base. The wheels make it portable for you to move around your weight room. This space-plate weight holder is guaranteed to save space in your home gym and keep things organized.
  • It has a durable construction composed of an all-steel metal structure that will serve you for years. It stands at 56.625 inches tall, and the base measures 24.5 by 24.5 inches. The tree itself weighs 60 pounds with a loadable length of 7 inches.
  • Dumbbell Stand and Plate Tree Power Block – V3: This Titan dumbbell stand fits and stores 1-inch weight plates, power blocks, adjustable dumbbells, and fixed dumbbells. It is made from heavy-duty, powder-coated steel. This makes it sturdy, durable, and can support up to 260 pounds. So you can go ahead and fit as many weights and dumbbells as you can put on it. The dumbbells are kept at an ideal height for lifting to add more consistency to your program. You get more value from our Version 3 model with an increased overall footprint of the power block stand to prevent accidents and toppling.
  • Stabilizer Bars for Mass Storage System: These stabilizer bars add extra stability to your mass storage system.
  • J-Hook Style Plate Holders for Mass Storage System: These plates have a J-Hook style holder that easily clips into the uprights of your Titan Mass Storage System. You do not need any hardware, the pin is inserted, and the plate holder is twisted down into the system.
  • Mass Storage Shelf Divider Fits 42-In Shelf – 4 Pack: These shelf dividers will help you to organize your weights in your Titan mass storage system. Each shelf divider is 2 inches wide and fits perfectly anywhere on your 42-inch shelf to allow you to break up your weights and access them easily.
  • 3-Tier Mass Storage Corner Shelf: This corner shelf by Titan helps to make use of the dead zone corners or wrap around a protruding wall. They can shelve up to 192 pounds per shelf.

Free Shipping on Titan Fitness Freestanding Storage

Tian offers customers quality mass storage systems and fitness products at great prices. You also get every day free shipping on all fitness and strength training equipment. All the products also come with a one-year warranty.