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Standing Desks

These days, with some careers and jobs, it's never been easier to work from home. Gone is the stress of the daily commute with rush hour traffic, and in its place is the flexibility of working from home. However, either at the office or working from home, people do sit in front of their computers for long periods of time.

Recently, studies started showing just how detrimental sitting for long periods of time can be. Those who work sitting down for long periods of time have often complained about weight gain and poor posture. Below are the benefits of a standing desk, the different standing desk frames, and the best sit-stand desk for working from home.

Best Sit Stand Desk For Working From Home

If you're wondering which desk is the best sit stand desk for working from home, then check out the ones below for examples of the types of options you may have:

Different Types of Standing Desk Frames

Not every desk is created similarly, and there are different types of standing desk frames. Some desks have manual mechanisms where someone lowers or raises the desk frame with a mechanical cranking system that has turning knobs. Other desks have motorized mechanisms that use electricity to adjust the desk. Each desk uses an actuator in the process; these are either pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic.

Free Shipping On Titan Fitness Standing Desks

Titan Fitness offers free shipping on Titan Fitness standing desks and on all orders, with no exceptions. Many items are delivered in three days, and most are delivered in two days, but Titan Fitness does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality of customer service at Titan Fitness and ensure that each customer leaves satisfied with their shopping experience.