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Our most affordable Rack. Great for start up garage gyms.

- Rackable Capacity: 850 LB
- Standalone Design. No need to anchor.
- 2 Models to choose from.
- Most affordable rack.

HD Rack with a heavy capacity. The professional lifter's rack.

- Rackable Capacity: 1,100 LB
- Available in standalone, squat racks and wall mounted folding racks.
- Add extensions to create a deeper rack.
- Over 20 racks options available.

One of the Strongest Racks we offer! The Strongman's choice.

- Rackable Capacity: 1,650 LB
- Available in standalone, squat racks and wall mounted folding racks.
- Add extensions for deeper racks.
- Over 20 rack options available.


Simply Put, The Highest Quality Rack We Offer!

- Rackable Capacity: 1,850 LB
- Overall Height is 100"
- Keyhole Side Spacing
- Laser Cut Numbered Holes


Fitness Racks

When you are serious about weight training, you know safety comes from being prepared with the right gear before you even attempt an exercise. This means stocking up on items that make your workouts more efficient and effective while providing the best assurance against a mishap. We have an extensive catalog of the highest-quality fitness rack sets for your home gym to make pushing your limits an activity that doesn’t involve unnecessary risks.

Fitness Rack Set for Your Home Gym

Looking for the best fitness rack sets for your home gym? You want racks that are designed for the toughest and heaviest training but that are also affordable. Having a dependable rack set means it won’t let you down when the iron seems to have a mind of its own and feels heavier than you expected. Getting the most out of the time you spend wrestling with the loading and unloading of the barbell is the key to maximizing the efficiency and progress of your sets. That’s why no home gym is truly complete without a heavy lifting rack to spot you and hold the weight while you psyche up for the next set.

Get the Best Lifting Racks

Having a quality fitness rack set for your home gym provides a huge advantage when you want to train but no one else is around to spot you. It could mean the difference between an awesome workout that propels your fitness to the next level or a devastating injury that could have been prevented. Our lifting racks are constructed with the most dependable materials that won’t crack or warp under pressure. Consistent performance is what you need to maintain a successful workout program, and we build each rack to strict specifications that ensure they function with unwavering reliability so you can pinpoint your focus on your movement.

Free Shipping on Gym Racks

What’s better than getting a fitness rack set for your home gym to pursue a lifestyle of superior fitness in the safest way possible? Getting free shipping on these essential pieces of workout infrastructure makes the upgrade that much sweeter. Now you can take your development to the next level without spending extra money, and that savings can be redirected into the purchase of other gear that boosts your workouts. In addition to power racks, you can get wall mounts, squat stands, and rack accessories like dip bars, spotter arms, pull-up bars, and strap safety systems.

Safety is important for strength training at all levels. You will want to make sure your home gym has rack sets and other safety equipment. Workouts are challenging enough without the danger of injury due to a lack of safety equipment. When safety is the top priority, you can experience the benefits of physical activity while removing the hazards and injuries that require time to recover from.