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T-3 Series Power Rack

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T-3 Series

When you’re looking for high-quality, professional fitness equipment for your home, you want a brand you can trust and that’s always there for you when you need them most. At Titan Fitness, we understand that your home has limited space for a gym, so we have equipment made to fit these spaces. This includes the T-3 Series power rack for home gyms, T-3 Series folding squat racks, and Olympic weight lifting racks.

T-3 Series Power Rack for Home Gyms

At Titan Fitness, we realize you’re likely to work out alone and won’t have a spotter with you. That's why our T-3 Series power rack for home gyms has spotter bars designed to catch the barbell. These spotter bars keep you safe, as do the right and left J-hooks on either side.

One of the best things about this power rack is that there’s so much room, which allows for a wide variety of total body exercises, such as squats, military presses, curls, bench presses, dips, and more. The T-3 Series power rack comes in two depths, 24 and 36 inches, as well as tall and short height options.

Shop T-3 Series Folding Squat Racks

When you shop T-3 Series folding squat racks, you’re shopping for home gym equipment that takes you to the next level. Not only is the T-3 folding squat rack easy to install, but it’s also easy to put away after you’re done. No matter if you’re tall, short, or somewhere in between, the folding squat rack accommodates your height. If how you’re exercising doesn’t feel comfortable, the adjustable bars allow for a variety of positions.

Free Shipping on Olympic Weight Lifting Racks

Free shipping on Olympic weight lifting racks means you don’t have to worry about extra expenses when purchasing your home fitness equipment. One of the most exciting things about Olympic weight lifting racks is that they allow for both vertical and horizontal motions, and they have mechanical safety spotters on the sides. The range of motion allowance means you can stabilize your core and let your muscles work harder, helping you reach the muscle tone you’ve always wanted.

At Titan Fitness, our customers are of the utmost importance, and we strive to create a trustworthy brand of high-quality professional fitness equipment that everyone loves. With our in-depth knowledge of fitness safety, we strive to develop reliable, quality products and provide fast, free shipping for all of our customers. At Titan Fitness, we believe that you should be able to work out in your own home.