Adjustable Dip Bar Attachment for T-2 Series Power Rack
Item No. 400112
Adjustable Dip Bar Attachment for T-2 Series Power Rack Fitness 400112 PWRADJDIP
Item No. 400112
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Expand the array of strength training exercises that you can perform on your T-2 series power rack (with 2"x2" tubes). These dip bar attachments easily adjust to fit an individual’s needs, and slide to the side when you need the bar for holding barbells. Simply slide on the rod and then safely secure the spotter bar through opposing hole, and tighten thumbscrews to lock bars into place.  Only the top attaches to a safety rod; the bottom surface rests against a lower spotter bar (bars not included).  For safety reasons, when using power racks other than our T2-Series, double check the weight limit on your power rack's bars. Simply line up the bar with the pre-drilled holes in your power rack, lock in place, and start your work out! Compatibility: Only Fits Titan T2-Series power racks. Durability: Safely attaches to the top bar with thumbscrews and leverages against the bottom support bar (not included) for best weight distribution. Design: Handles can be adjusted to fit each individual person. Simply move the spotter bars up or down, then slide the dip bars together or farther apart. Weight Capacity: 500 lb capacity; Check your bar’s weight capacity before ordering Included: This package comes with dip bars, grips, thumbscrews; safety bars not included


- Easily adjusted up to the width of your power rack for individual needs
- Only fits Titan T2-Series power racks
- Thumb screws on top and second spotter bar for bottom securely keep dip bars in place
- Plastic bar sleeves add comfort
- Requires a second spotter/safety bar (not included) 

- Dip bar length: 18"
- Pole attachment height: 10.5"
- Dip bar material: Steel
- Bar sleeve material: Plastic
- Weight capacity: 500 lb
- Weight: 11 lb



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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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