T-2 Series Adjustable Monolift Rack Mounted Attachment
Item No. 400427
T-2 Series Adjustable Monolift Rack Mounted Attachment Fitness 400427 T2PINMLIFT
Item No. 400427
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The Adjustable Monolift by Titan Fitness® is a lift assist compatible with the T-2 Series Power Racks. Save money on a dedicated monolift by adding one to your existing rack! The adjustable Monolift design utilizes the pin and hook attachment style seen in our Spotter Arms and J-Hooks with a safety pin to lock the Monolift to an upright. The design allows the counterweight handles to drop the hooks as soon as you take the bar. The hooks drop down out of the way so you can exercise in place without having to walk the bar out from over your JHooks. Re-racking is just as easy, a short lean forward re-racks the bar and underweight the monolift returns to its original position. Reduce the possibility of injury and go for max reps with a Titan Monolift!

NOTE: If you purchased your T-2 Series Power Rack on or after October 2020, this accessory is not compatible with your rack.

NOTE: A monolift attachment does not replace spotters or proper technique. We recommend ONLY using a monolift attachment with a rack that is bolted or secured to the ground for safe use.


- Compatible with Titan T-2 Series Power Racks
- The Titan Monolift drop away design keeps you in control of your squats
- Recommended for use inside Power Rack in conjunction with spotter bars for a safe lifting environment
- J-Hook attachment style makes installation and height adjustments quick and easy
- Stop bolt keeps the counter weight arm in place during adjustment for ease of use
- UHMW liners on the jaw and bracket protects your bar knurling and upright

- Overall Height: 21-in.
- Overall Width: 2.25-in.
- Jaw Thickness: 0.75-in steel, (2) 0.625-in pad
- Jaw Depth: 2.5-in.
- Jaw Height: 1-in.
- Pin Size: 0.9375-in.
- Weight Capacity: 1,000 lb.
- Product Weight: 29 lb Each | 58 lb Total

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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