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If you’re looking to improve your physique, you’re going to need the proper workout products. With our premium weightlifting equipment, you’ll look like a professional bodybuilder in no time. Our fitness apparatuses are designed by individuals who know what it takes to get the most out of every single workout. The T-3 Lever Arms by Titan Fitness are weightlifting accessories serious lifters need in their home gym. Use this amazing tool to do a variety of back, arm, leg, and other exercises. These arm-toning devices are designed for pro powerlifting to help you work out safely and efficiently. There are different detachable grips that you can adapt to the workout or preferences. The grips allow for a neutral or angled grip. Each arm is 39.25-inches long and has a 600 lb capacity.

It is important to note that we recommend you workout with these lever arms only when your rack is bolted down to avoid bouncing and injury. The superior construction allows for a wide variety of workouts. The powder-coating paint is scratch-, scuff-, and rust-resistant, so it’ll last through your toughest deadlifts, pull-ups, and other workouts. The stud bar’s high-quality steel construction will guarantee long-lasting fitness results for years to come and add a sleek look to your gym accessories or lifting setup. These lever arms are an essential piece of equipment at an affordable price and are made to help you work out safely and efficiently. Use Titan Fitness for all your weightlifting and bodybuilding equipment.

UPPER BODY EXERCISE: This set of hinged power rack arms is perfect for a variety of upper body exercises. Use them for various types of presses, rows, and squats to get the toned physique you’ve always wanted. Workout your shoulders, arms, legs, upper back, or target specific muscle groups. You can use these tools together or unilaterally depending on your strength training routine.

SAVE SPACE: Because it is easy to use these lever arms for a variety of workouts, you’ll save space in your home gym. With this power rack attachment, you’ll have a one-stop place for the bulk of your weightlifting workout. In addition, the bolt-on design makes it easy to detach the arms and store them elsewhere to free up space.

USEFUL FEATURES: These T-3 series power rack arms have a bolt-on design that adds stability and security for efficient, space-saving utility. We included rubber bumpers along each side of the arm to protect your rack from scratches and scuffs. In addition, the bushings at the hinge point provide smooth motion through the entirety of your exercise.

SPECIFICATIONS/DIMENSIONS: These arms are 58 pounds total and have a black powder coat finish to protect your equipment from damage. The arms are 2” x 2”, 11-gauge steel and come with a pair of 1.3” handles that have multiple grip options, including neutral and angled. The loadable weight posts are 11.5” long and have a 1.98” diameter, so some tight tolerance competition plates may not fit.

SUPERIOR DESIGN: It’s time to maximize your core and leg workouts and give your body the professional equipment it deserves. Whether it’s at the gym or at home, our lever arms are just what you need! This mechanism fits most standard-sized plates for weightlifting. It’s comfortable, safe, easy to use, and designed for both men and women.


- Compatible with T-3 Series Power Racks.
- Bolt-On Design adds stability and security for efficient space saving utility.
- Arms: 2” x 2” 11 Gauge Steel.
- Comes with a pair of 1.3” handles that bolt onto the arms with multiple grip options including neutral and angled grip.
- Two loadable weight posts 11.5” in length.
- Rubber bumpers along each side of the arm to protect your rack from scratches and scuffs.
- Bushings at the hinge point give you a smooth motion through the entirety of your exercise.

- Weight: 58 LB Total
- Black Powder Coat Finish.
- 2” x 2” 11 Gauge Steel Tubing.
- Weight Post Length: 11.5”
- Sleeve Diameter: 1.98” (Note: Some tight tolerance competition plates may not fit!)
- Arm Length: 39.25"
- Weight Capacity: 600 LB per arm | 1200 LB per pair.

*Note: Titan recommends only using Lever Arms with a rack that is bolted to the floor.

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