Item No. 400541
T-3 Series Mounted Standing Single Leg Curl Attachment
Item No. 400541
T-3 Series Mounted Standing Single Leg Curl Attachment Fitness 400541 T3PRLGCRL
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Your T-3 Power Rack is a considerable investment because you’ll be able to perform a variety of weight lifting exercises including squats, lifts, and curls. In no time, many of your muscles will be ripped. However, you still need to make hamstring exercises a part of your workout regimen! Fortunately, this standing leg curl attachment can transform your power rack into a machine capable of helping you build strong legs. To use the attachment, simply stand in front of the leg rollers while facing the power rack. Curl your leg back with the roller cradled against the back of your knee. You can customize your training circuit by adding different reps, sets, and weights. Soon, your legs will be shredded! This attachment has padded protection, so you’ll have a comfortable workout. The padding ensures that you won’t get calluses, burns, and blisters during exercise, keeping your skin safe. The curl attachment works for all body types because it’s easily adjustable. It comes with (2) quick pins that let you change the height of the foot rollers. Move them up and down the rack to achieve your desired height.

COMPATIBLE WITH T-3 SERIES: Your T-3 Power Rack is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. It can help you work a variety of muscles. You can use it to build your back, arms, shoulders, glutes, and abs. With this attachment, you can add leg day to your routine! This standing leg curl will attach to your power rack with ease so that you can get to work bulking up your legs.

EASILY ADJUSTABLE: No matter your body type, this leg curl attachment is suitable for your shape and size. It features 2 quick pins that allow you to easily adjust the height of the foot rollers. You can move them up and down the rack according to your height. This helps improve your form and ensures a comfortable workout.

PADDED PROTECTION: The last thing you’ll want to do while working out is injure your skin. Fortunately, our heavy-duty leg curl attachment features extra padding that helps prevent burns, calluses, and blisters during exercise. There are 2 padded foot rollers on either side of the attachment so that you can enjoy a bruise-free workout.

GAIN LEG MUSCLE: Don’t skip leg day! With this handy attachment, you can efficiently build and tone muscle in your hamstrings. Simply stand in front of the leg rollers, facing the power rack. Next, curl your leg back, cradling the roller against the back of your knee and repeat. Add your own desired sets, reps, and weights to curate a powerful and complete body workout.

DIMENSIONS: Each leg roller measures 10-inches in length. The loadable sleeve has a length of 12-inches. The overall length from the rack is 51.5-inches and weighs 25-pounds. The bracket hole has a spacing of 6-inches.

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- Overall Length from Rack: 51.5-in.
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 12-in.
- Bracket Hole Spacing: 6-in.
- Finish: Powder-Coated Black - Overall Weight: 25 lb.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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