T-3 Spotter Arms
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T-3 Spotter Arms Fitness 400413 HDSQSA
Item No. 400413
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Workout safely using Titan T-3 Series Squat Rack Spotter Arms! With the help of these weightlifting accessories, you’ll be able to workout alone, making it that much easier to quickly cut fat and build muscle mass. You can position the spotter arms to target either your upper body or lower body, offering a wide range of exercises to improve your pectorals, chest, triceps, hamstrings, glutes, and shoulders. It’s also adjustable, accommodating several heights and builds of different athletes. Whether you’re a bodybuilder or a beginner, you’ll see these spotter arms are essential to your personal fitness regimen. It gives you the opportunity to develop new routines and circuits.

Do squats, presses, curls, pull-ups, and chin-ups with this phenomenal piece of equipment all from the comfort of your personal home gyms. You can even use our gym equipment outdoors if you choose because our tools are all made from rust-resistant steel, allowing them to withstand the elements. The powder-coating paint is scratch-, scuff-, and rust-resistant, so it willl last through your toughest deadlifts, pull-ups, and other workouts. The stud bar’s high-quality steel construction will guarantee long-lasting fitness results for years to come and add a sleek look to your gym accessories or lifting setup. These lever arms are an essential piece of equipment at an affordable price and are made to help you work out safely and efficiently. Use Titan Fitness for all your weightlifting and bodybuilding equipment.

BULK UP FAST: It’s time to get ripped with the help of these spotter arms by Titan Fitness. These power rack accessories will help keep you safe as you work out. Use them to catch your barbell when muscle fatigue sets in. In no time, you’ll see your form and physique begin to improve as you continue to utilize this handy equipment. Before you know it, you’ll have your dream body!

PERFORM A VARIETY OF EXERCISES: Create an entire circuit using this amazing workout gear. This powerful piece of equipment can accommodate many different workouts. It allows you to add squats, military presses, bench presses, curls, pull-ups, chin-ups, and more to your fitness routine, so you can train and condition your upper body. Work your biceps, triceps, core, and more.

ADJUST HOWEVER YOU NEED: There are a variety of ways you can choose to position these spotter arms, depending on the workout you do and the intensity you can handle. Set them up at the bottom of the rep so you can easily rest the bar on them if you get tired. They are also great for pause sets or to train your body to know how deeply you need to do weighted squats, bench press, and more.

IDEAL FOR INDEPENDENT TRAINING: Work out in the comfort of your own home with the Titan T-3 Series Squat Rack Spotter Arms. These powerlifting accessories make a great addition to your home gym because it makes it easy for you to get your weightlifting workout in alone. Now you won't have to wait on your buddy or regular workout partner to show up.

DIMENSIONS: These power rack accessories weigh approximately 14 lbs and are designed to fit most 2” x 3” racks. Each spotter arm is 24” long and is made of durable 7-gauge steel. Greatest of all, these spotter arms have an amazing 800 lb capacity, so no matter how hard you go, they’ll be able to handle it.


- No hardware required
- Installs in seconds
- Fits most 2" x 3" power racks
- Length: 24"
- Weight: 14 L
- Capacity: 800 LB

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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