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Titan Fitness Rope Pulley with 14-ft Endless Infinity Rope
Item No. 400968
Titan Fitness Rope Pulley with 14-ft Endless Infinity Rope Fitness 400968 RPLYSYS
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The Rack Mounted Rope Pulley from Titan Fitness® is a unique interval training device that attaches easily to your rack -- giving you the ability to easily add a variety of friction resistance-based exercises to your workout. Built strong with high-quality parts, this Rack Mounted Rope Pulley system was designed from the ground up to handle any intense workout you throw its way. Crafted with high quality reinforced parts, you can rest easy knowing this rope is secured when you need it the most. The closed-loop rope (Infinity Rope) is 14-feet long, ensuring that the rope will not be pulled out of the pulley, giving you maximum range of motion. Regardless if you are a bodybuilder looking for a stronger back and arm pumps, a strongman looking to add endurance to their pulley events, a powerlifter looking to balance their upper body, or just a person who wants to add a bit of spice to their workouts -- the Titan Fitness Rack Mounted Rope Pulley is for you.

CONVENIENT AND EFFECTIVE: We’ve designed our Titan Fitness Rack Mounted Rope Pulley to go up and come down in a flash so you can spend less time worrying about our equipment and more time worrying about your workout.

BUILD STRENGTH & ENDURANCE: Unlike other exercises, there is no chance to momentarily pause during a friction resistance-based exercise. Your body has to learn to adapt to the unstopping and unrelenting stimulus you are throwing at it. The result? Bigger pumps, stronger gains, and the endurance to handle more than you could have possibly imagined.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: We know better than anyone that safety comes first when it comes to strength workouts.  That’s why we’ve designed our Pulley system with high-quality parts, and paired it with an infinity rope built with strong nylon material, giving you all you need to go at it again, and again, and again confidently.

ADD VARIETY TO YOUR WORKOUT: It’s easy to fall into ruts, so we’re making it easier to fall out of them.  Keep your training fresh and exciting by implementing resistance-based exercises. Add them to the end of any back or arm day for soul-crushing pumps and fatigue.

PARTNER WORKOUT: Great for interval training with a partner. Go for time and let your partner’s working set be your resting set. Use a gym timer to set 30-second or 1-minute intervals for you and your partner to get a great workout in!

NOTE: Titan recommends mounting the Pulley System on the vertical upright vs the side bracing. 

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- Good for pulling and battling
- Great addition for your interval training
- Will work your biceps, triceps, and core strength
- Great partner workout
- Rack Mounted
- Infinity Rope included

- Pulley Diameter: 12-in.
- Rope Length: 14 ft.
- Rope Diameter: 1.5-in.
- Rope Material: Nylon
- Finish: Powder-Coated Black
- Material: 11-GA Steel
- Product Weight: 21 lb.

Additional Info

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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