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Strap Safety System | X-3 Series


The Strap Safety System from Titan Fitness™ offers many advantages over traditional Pipe/Pin and flip down safety bars. The 3" wide reinforced Nylon webbing is safety rated to 5,000 LB per strap for 10,000 LB total strap system capacity. The quick change j-hook style bracket design allows you to quickly install or adjust your straps - install your Strap Safety System at different heights to have the bar safely roll away from you.


- Compatible with X-3 Series Power Racks.
- 3" wide reinforced Nylon straps, safety rated for a total strap system capacity of 10,000 LB. 
- Saves your knurling and bar from damage.
- Fully adjustable heights for either side of strap.
- Slope the strap heights to have the bar roll safely away from you.
- Great for rack pulls. | Quieter than pipe/pin safeties.

- Strap Width: 3"
- Strap Length: 27" | 33" | 39"
- Weight Capacity Rating: 5,000 LB per strap | 10,000 LB per pair.  
- Fits: X-3 Series Power Racks (24" | 30" | 36" Depth).
- Weight: 11 LB Each | 22 LB Total.

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