T-3 Series Folding Power Rack | Short | 41-in Depth | V2
Item No. 400999
T-3 Series Folding Power Rack | Short | 41-in Depth | V2 Fitness 400999 SHUPFPWRv2-4FPWR_S
Item No. 400999
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If you’re looking to improve your physique, you’re going to need the proper workout equipment. With our premium weight lifting power rack, you’ll be looking like a professional bodybuilder in no time. Our lifting cage is designed by individuals who know what it takes to get the most out of every single workout. Our power rack’s walk-in design and adjustable bars offer a variety of different positions to work out in, allowing you to do pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, bench presses, and more. You might even add exercises in this rack to your cross-training regimen. Just place a bench underneath the power rack to perform bench presses and skull crushers. You won’t need to worry about smashing yourself with the bar because the power rack will act as a mechanical spotter, helping keep you safe. This power rack is made from heavy-duty steel, so it’s long-lasting and durable. It comes with 4 J-hooks for easy installation.

The squat rack contains steel tubes that are 2” by 3” with the pull-up bar being 2” in diameter.This rack measures at 82” high. The power rack has a width of 50” and a depth of 41.5”. It weighs approximately 165 lbs. Bulk up your biceps, triceps, chest, pectorals, and more with Titan’s power rack! At Titan Fitness, our first priority is to give our customers the service they deserve. We’ve also made communication a key concept. That means that we don’t just pass your buck when you place your order. If you have questions or concerns along the way, we want to know so that we can help you have the best possible experience. You can trust our team of experts because they work around the clock to ensure that you won't have to worry about any aspect of your order once it’s in our hands. Add the Titan T-3 Series Power Rack to your cart today! Check out our T-3 Series Folding Power Rack Stringers to add a professional look to your folding power rack setup!

IMPROVE YOUR FORM: If you’re not lifting weights right, you might strain or injure a muscle, putting you out of the game for months. That’s why we’ve designed this foldable power rack. It folds flat against the wall, conserving as much space as possible. This feature makes it ideal for home gyms. It also has a wide walk-in design. Stay safe while you work out with Titan’s lifting cage.

BUILD MUSCLE: Get ripped using Titan’s Power Rack! It can accommodate many different heights and workouts. You can perform a variety of exercises with this power rack, including chin-ups, deadlifts, pull-ups, and squats. Place a bench underneath and perform bench presses. You’ll be looking fit and muscular in no time.

EASY INSTALLATION: Add this folding power rack to your home gym! It will mount to the wall with ease. When you’re done working out, just fold up your power rack. It has a pin and hinge system for efficient storage. No longer will you have a bulky piece of equipment taking up space in your home. Go with Titan’s folding power rack to see actual results. Order today!

STURDY STEEL CONSTRUCTION: This power rack is made from heavy-duty, high-quality steel. Its all-steel construction ensures that it will withstand harsh weather conditions and unfavorable environments. With its powerful steel material, it has a rackable capacity of 1,100 lbs. It includes 2 uprights with 6-inch side hole spacing running the length of the poles, so you can add more accessories.


DIMENSIONS: The squat rack contains 11-gauge steel tubes that measure 2” by 3” with bars that are 2” in diameter. The squat rack measures at 82” high and 50” wide. It has a depth of 41.5". The power rack weighs approximately 150 lbs. It is powder-coated with a black finish and comes with 4 J-hooks. 

- Material: 2" x 3" 11 Gauge steel. 
- Rackable Capacity: 1,100 LB. 
- Height: 82"
- Width: 50"
- Depth: 41"
- Weight: 165 LB


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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