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  • Safety Squat Olympic Bar Safety Squat Olympic Bar
  • Safety Squat Olympic Bar Safety Squat Olympic Bar
  • Safety Squat Olympic Bar Safety Squat Olympic Bar
  • Safety Squat Olympic Bar Safety Squat Olympic Bar

Safety Squat Olympic Bar

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Quick Overview

The Titan Safety Squat Olympic Bar is the safe way to max out your squats and progress your workout to more weight.

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The Titan Safety Squat Olympic Bar is the safe way to max out your squats and progress your workout to more weight. 

The padded shoulder and arm pads increase your comfort level at higher weights. In addition, the bent bar lowers the weight plates to stabilize your center of gravity. Hand grips allow you to control the bar during the lift and keeps you in control. Fits 2" Olympic Plates. 

- Shoulder and arm pads for a comfortable lift.
- 4" drop keeps the weight plates lower for a stabilized center of gravity and better balance.
- 6" hand grips for control when needed.

- Capacity: 700 lbs
- Overall length: 86.5"
- Fits Racks up to 51" inside
- Loadable sleeve length: 11"
- Overall sleeve length: 12.5"
- Knurling width: 7.75"
- Top Pad: 15" 
- Handle spacing: 15"
- Handle overall length: 15" | 9" padding / 6" rubber grip
- Pad thickness: 3.5"
- Sleeve drop: 4"

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  1. Heaven for my shoulders review by Robert on 11/7/2017

    I have wanted a safety squat bar for awhile, but it was always a bit out of my price range. This bar is fantastic for me. I have pretty screwed up shoulders, and this allows me to squat even when I am having serious trouble with them. Thanks Titan

  2. Great addition to my garage gym review by Big Brad Wyo on 11/7/2017

    Just got the bar and put it through a workout. A few thoughts;
    - The pads are dense and nice
    - The gap may be a little wide for smaller people. I' 6'3 340. Worked perfectly for me though.
    -A lot of whip when you go past 225. I don't mind it.
    -I worked up to 405 and the bar felt sturdy

    All in all a solid bar for the price. It is a great addition to my home gym.

  3. Good value review by Wyatt on 10/27/2017

    The bar works great, especially if using a straight bar causes shoulder pain. The pads are very comfortable. The price was excellent. The shipping was very fast. The box arrived and looked like it had exploded and was taped back together. The FedEx guy left the box outside in the rain. Thankfully, Titan wraps the bar and pads in plastic so no harm was done to either. I would highly recommend this bar. It is a good value.

  4. Comfortable, easy to balance, but it whips a lot. review by Miles on 10/19/2017

    The price on this is fantastic, compared to other companies safety squat bars.

    The most weight I've used with this bar is 365lbs, and there is significant whip, similar to what you'd expect from an olympic bar, or a general-use crossfit bar. If you normally use a Power Bar, as I do, you will definitely notice a difference. I don't necessarily mind it though, I think it can be beneficial to train at a mechanical disadvantage.

    After using this bar for good mornings, you probably won't use a straight bar for them again. It's so much more comfortable than having a straight bar rolling up on your neck.

    I ordered this bar after hastily unracking for a heavy squat tweaked my left shoulder, and it's definitely nice to give my shoulders a break with this.

    I use this bar on a regular basis for banded box squats, good mornings, volume work, max effort work, you name it. The whip will keep your ego in check, but you can't beat the price.

  5. Good for the price. review by D.S. on 8/14/2017

    Just ran it through a quick squat workout. First impressions as follows.

    Box was beat to hell on arrival, bar and pads were loose in box.

    Multiple blemishes on bar, but really, who cares.

    Welds are ugly, but seem strong.

    Significant bar whip with anything over 225.



    Good offset, not too deep, not too shallow.

    Bearings and bushings are good, better after a little liquid graphite.

    Handle spacing is a good width, and the rubber grips feel solid.

    Overall a strong value, despite the whip and multiple cosmetic issues.

  6. Totally Worth It review by Ryan on 8/2/2017

    If you want an SSB and don't want to spend $300-500, get this. I've used the EliteFTS one, and while its nice, I couldn't justify spending that on a specialty bar. That's why I like Titan. They have affordable equipment that does the work you want it to. No complaints from anything I've bought from them. It may not be as "polished" but man, it does what you'd want it to.

    As for this bar, it's nice. The pads are removable which is awesome. They are thick and dense too. The bar itself feels solid. As you can see from the photo its bent 28mm steel to create it instead of tubing or some other material. Its rated at 700lbs, but imagine it will bend and whip pretty good with that much on it. Just be sure to re-rack your weight afterwards so you don't permanently bend it. In fact, do that with any bar. I've only had up to 365lbs on it, but felt stable. I think it allows you to load your legs more than your lower back like a normal low bar squat does. Warning though that 365 on an SSB feels like 465 on a straight bar.

    But its great. I don't have to use my hands because the balance is right on. Squats, good mornings, step ups, walking lunges are great uses. Heck I've even used it for hammer curls, tricep extensions, and calf raises (since your hands are free, you can balance on the rack).

    I figured for $140, it was worth the risk, and it was. Totally worth it.

  7. A great bar for a great price review by Evan on 7/12/2017

    I've trained with a Safety Squat Bar (the one from EliteFTS) for most of my training until I moved to another area and went to a gym that did not have one. After training for a year without it, I began to really miss squatting with a SSB and the benefits that came with it. The SSB is much more conducive to higher volume squatting due to the stress it takes off the shoulders. I squat high bar naturally, and I front squat regularly. So the SSB feels "natural" in regards to my squat mechanics. Not only that, but the benefits it provides for thoracic strengthening are nearly unrivaled - the bar forces your thoracic region to remain erect due to the weight distribution of the bar. I also favor this bar for full range good mornings and thoracic good mornings. Weighted carries are a staple in my training, and the SSB provides another variation for this - a very tough one at that.

    I was originally skeptical about this bar due to the price - the whole adage of "If it's too good to be true...". However, I'm extremely pleased with this bar and Titan Fitness. I ordered this on a Sunday night and the bar arrived the following Tuesday, and I put it to the test. The weight distribution/center of gravity is on par with what a SSB provides (moving it forward, and verified by squatting numerous reps without any hand placement on the bar), it fits comfortably, and bar appears to be crafted exceptionally. While I do enjoy the SSB from EliteFTS, this one is very comparable, and actually has a couple perks over its competitors.

    1) The handles have actual rubber grips on them - unlike the EliteFTS bar that only had the grips on the long handles (which I rarely used). If you wanted to utilize the shorter handles on the EliteFTS bar, you were just gripping powdercoated metal.

    2) The pads aren't as bulky, and they are removable/replaceable. The EliteFTS SSB had very thick pads, and for someone with a bigger neck, it could feel a bit claustrophobic as you're sucking wind during some higher rep squats. Plus, if you tore the pads on the EliteFTS bar, you were confined to just patching it. With the Titan SSB, you can just remove the pads and replace them. I don't see them as an additional item in the store, however (unless I've overlooked them), but perhaps if one called Titan, they could sell you replacement pads.

    3) The Titan SSB has knurling (deep knurling, too). I particularly enjoy this addition when I'm performing weighted carries with this bar. It's nice to be able to place my hands on the knurling and not have them slip around with sweat. Walking with this bar for distance and only holding onto the short handle can sometimes make my arms feel weird - so I like to extend them out and hold the actual bar. Not to mention, it's easier to "cheat" when your hands on the handles and you push them up, taking the load off the upper back.

    4) The price. This bar CANNOT be beaten in terms of cost. Other SSBs are around 400 dollars, and having used the EliteFTS one, the Titan SSB competes with it (not to mention, the above perks).

    This was my first purchase from Titan Fitness, and assuming this bar continues to hold up and perform, I'll be a lifelong customer. My experience with Titan thus far has already exceed that of my numerous purchases and interactions with Rogue. I highly recommend this bar. Thank you, Titan!

  8. Another great product from Titan Fitness review by Josh H. on 4/14/2017

    I ordered the SSB right after it came out. I am a gym owner and powerlifter, and have been in the fitness industry for about 6 years.

    Price: This bar comes in at an amazing price of $140 with free shipping. Most competitors bars are around $400. So the price point is excellent.

    Quality: The bar itself seems to be made super well. No rust, or problems upon arrival. Packaged arrived completely intact. The bar did seem to have a slight oily residue on it but it wiped right off. The pads are nice and firm and feel like they will stand up to some use. I have squatted up to 225 lbs on the bar so far and it has held up great. I completely believe the bar could easily handle 500 lbs plus and is rated to 700.

    Recommend: I would highly recommend this bar to anyone looking to buy an SSB. I am super happy with it, and it is designed like a real barbell vs. some company's make their products with paint on the sleeves that chips off. Overall it is a great bar. If you are even contemplating buying on, do it.

  9. Great bar!! review by WICK3DW00DY on 4/12/2017

    I purchased this bar on a Wednesday and had it Thursday (Michigan). Just like Jim, the box was in great shape, bar and pads were wrapped neatly. Assembly was a breeze (adding pads to the bar). Welds look professional and durable. The finish of bar is excellent. The sleeves are very smooth but have had no issues when using spring collars. This is one of many pieces I have purchased from Titan and I love all of them.

  10. BAR review by JAG on 4/4/2017

    Ive squatted with the rogue safety bar and this safety bar, and this one is just as good and over 250 dollars less. Save the money and buy bumper plates and trap bar for deadlifts. You wll save your back by not using the straight bar for deadlifts and squats. The straight bar will be outdated, don't know when, but in 50 years, there will be no straight bars used for squatting and deadlifting in high schools, guaranteed. Safety first guys, please, or walk with a can when your 70.

  11. Awesomeness review by Toby H. on 3/28/2017

    This bar is simply awesome. Really great job with the balancing to squat hands free. Also the ends are the perfect size for your typical spring collars to hold the weight on. The two I've used in a gym to get a feel for this type of bar needed special collars to hold on the weight. The handle length is great as well as the padding for the shoulder area.

  12. Great price and quality review by Matt on 3/25/2017

    Same thing you'd get from any bigger name for a fraction of the price. Quality pads, bar, sleeves are clipped in and move well. I've got a bunch of Titan fitnes stuff in my gym and am always happy with it.

  13. Excellent Bar review by Jim on 3/17/2017

    Ordered on a Sunday night and it arrived on Thursday (Arizona). The box was in great shape and within the box the bar was wrapped in plastic and then wrapped in bubble wrap. The pads are fully enclosed (you don't see the foam) and velcro on to the bar. The pad looks very durable and feels great when squatting. The bar is balanced when loading plates. The sleeves are held on by snap rings and feature a cool Titan logo. The only complaint I would have is that sleeves are smooth and don't have the grooves you see on other bars to help the plates stay in place. This is easily remedied by using a collar to hold the weights in place. I have performed band squats and regular squats with this bar at over 400lbs and it performed and felt great. Highly recommend this bar at the price.

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