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Staying Fit While You're On the Road

Staying Fit While You're On the Road

The blood, sweat and tears that go into getting (and staying) fit can make for a Herculean effort, even on a good day. But what about the times when prior obligations and last minute priorities get in the way of your rhythm?

Simply being busy is often rated as the number one reason that many people end up slouching on their workout routines, without even factoring in outside circumstances that can turn time management into your body's greatest challenge.

For better or for worse, life happens. So what do you do when you find out you'll be hitting the road while in the midst of an ongoing journey towards a healthier lifestyle?

Below, we've put together some of the top tips from the pros on keeping your workout game on point when your wheels are on the pavement— if you came here looking for excuses to get out of doing your reps while you visit your in-laws, you're reading the wrong blog.

Free Weight Exercises are King

When it comes to working out on the go, it's an unfortunate fact that not all exercise methods are created equal. As great as Power Racks might be, it's typically not very likely that you're going to find a way to fit one into a carry-on bag, or the trunk of your used Honda Civic.

If you're looking for something versatile to bring with you on your travels, a simple set of free weights can provide coverage for an exceptionally wide range of exercises and muscle groups, without compromising storage capacity or complicating your trip— those in professions who travel a lot have been known to keep a set of dumbbells on-hand for cross country trips.

Utilize your Available Resources

It's a harsh truth to acknowledge— you're hours away from the comforts of your home gym, and you're probably homesick in more ways than one. However, that's never an excuse to avoid being proactive: how many times in your life have you been in a hotel that offers a 24/7 fitness center and simply decided to ignore it?

Don't be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone when you're trying to stay fit on the road— after all, if you'd stayed in your comfort zone in the first place, you most likely would have never gotten up off the couch and decided to improve yourself.

Staying in a different town for a while? Your chain gym membership might have locations there as well. Lodging with friends/family? You'd be surprised how many people invest in a home gym and leave it woefully neglected— time to show it some love. Point is, if you decide to set your mind to it, the odds are good that you'll figure something out.

Your Roadside Diet Still Matters

It's never a convenient fact to acknowledge during 20 hour road trips, but all of those fast food joints located off the nearest exits can do just as much harm to a finely tuned body as they would if you hit them up at home.

If you want to make sure you'll keep your head in the game, it might be worth taking a few hours before your trip to put together a meal prep plan for foods and snacks that you can take with you.

We're going to level with you— eating oats out of a plasticware container on the side of the road doesn't sound fun. Just try and focus on the time you'll save, both on the road and in the gym later.