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barbells have always been a tried-and-true means by which men and women have gauged their strength and improved their musculature. with the versatility of a barbell, the limitations of any workout routine are completely removed. titan fitness presents only the best home garage gym barbells in order to get you the results you work so hard for.  whether you're looking for specialty or fixed weight barbells, you'll be sure to find the right equipment for you. 

high-quality barbells for at-home workouts

high-quality barbells for at-home workouts will have a tough steel construction so that you won't have to concern yourself with your barbell warping under the intensity of your lifts. the sleeves of the barbell will ideally have some form of bearing system that allows for the sleeves to rotate from the bar independently. a coating of chrome or powdered paint helps prevent sweat, dander, and debris from wearing away at the aesthetic beauty of your bar or interfere with the internal bearing at the sleeve. this is beneficial to any lifter because it allows them to exercise without excess strain on the wrists or joints while attempting to secure the bar on their back. a lifter who's able to stay in the game longer has that much more opportunity to improve.

a properly-sized olympic bar is critical in order to ensure that the best form is kept at all times in order to cut down on unnecessary aches and pains. when performing compound movements such as deadlifts and squats, several muscle groups are stressed to the limit. therefore, keeping a bar close to the body in order to minimize the extension of your arms is critical to not only get the ideal workout, but also to remain safe. the best olympic bars will also be properly balanced in order to make adding plates a smooth and thoughtless process.

best home garage gym barbells

the best home garage gym barbells will depend on the style of exercising you're interested in doing. there are shorter 5-foot olympic barbells that allow for more compact exercise spaces to be properly utilized, and there are classic full-sized 7-foot olympic barbells that are the standard for powerlifting federations.

there are also famous yukon and bison bars that have a slight curve to them. this curve is designed to eliminate any of the unnecessary discomfort and strain when having a barbell resting on your back and performing lifts such as squats. the best bars will be rated to hold over 2,000 pounds, and they will have several functional design elements, such as the ability to remain upright when racked for storage.

different barbells also have different styles of grips, and at titan fitness, we make sure that all of our barbells have just the right amount of knurling required in order to maintain a secure grasp on the bar without risking the ripping of calluses.

free shipping on olympic barbells

titan fitness offers free shipping on all olympic barbells regardless of their size, tensile strength, or price. your exercise equipment will arrive skillfully packaged with quality shipping materials in order to avoid any scuffs and blemishes.

barbells are essential exercise equipment. make sure you pick the best one for your space to get the most out of weightlifting.