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Item No. 401141.2
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This loading pin measures 3 lbs., 1.9” in diameter and 14.5” in height with a plate stop diameter of 4” and a loadable plate length of 11.8”. It’s designed to fit most 2” Olympic plates, both steel and bumper-style weights. It features an attachment point built into the top of the pin that can easily connect to a strap, carabiner, or rope so it is compatible with a wide range of handles, pulleys, and straps. If you’re interested in starting grip strength training, this is the perfect tool to build muscles in your arms and hands and improve your grip. You can also workout your shoulders, pecs, biceps, triceps, and more. This tool is a must-have for anyone with a home gym because it’s extremely easy to use. Simply add the desired weights to the loading pin, attach your favorite handle or strap, and perform a wide range of strength training exercises. Getting in shape doesn’t require complex machines or equipment! With this simple loading pin, you can get the rigorous workout you want at an affordable price. Get ripped quickly with this amazing and versatile exercise tool. It’s great for men and women who want to add a new component to their weightlifting routine. You’ll be feeling the burn in no time! The Titan Loading Pin is made with high-quality steel that’s made to hold up over time. It’s ideal for both pros and beginners and can support a wide range of weights so you can get the best workout to suit your needs.

OPTIMIZE YOUR WORKOUT: If you’re looking for an exciting way to intensify your indoor workout, try a Titan Loading Pin. Whether you do arm curls or chest pulls, you can use this simple and convenient tool to exercise your core, pecs, shoulders, and more! Add our loading pin to your daily workout routine to really pump some iron.

GREAT FOR MEN & WOMEN: The Titan Loading Pin is an essential piece of workout gear for anyone looking to build muscle and get stronger. Add it to your collection of home gym tools and explore countless possibilities for upper body workouts. Our loading pin is a great piece of equipment for men, women, and teenagers who enjoy lifting weights.

CUSTOMIZABLE DESIGN: Our loading pin is designed to be compatible with a wide range of loads, handles, and attachments, including wrist rollers, kettlebells, and pulley systems. You can use it for grip strength exercises or focus more on your biceps, triceps, pecs, and shoulders. However you choose to use it, you’ll appreciate the high-quality and versatile design.

FITS MOST 2” OLYMPIC PLATES: The Titan Loading Pin is designed to fit most 2” Olympic plates, whether they’re steel or bumper plates. The plate stop on the loading pin allows the plates to sit flush on the weight holder section and stay secure. This is one of the best workout supplies for someone who doesn’t have a complicated weight machine but still wants an excellent workout.

TITAN FITNESS ACCESSORIES: Titan is dedicated to providing high-quality exercise items and workout systems at affordable prices. Our goal is to support all athletes and help them succeed in their home gym workout routines. Check out our large collection of weights, kettlebells, weight cages, and more!


- Fits most 2" Olympic plates - steel or bumper plates.
- Built in plate stop allows plates to sit flush.
- All steel construction.
- Attachment point built into the top of the pin to connect a strap, carabiner or rope. 

- Weight: 3 LB
- Tube diameter: 1.9"
- Tube height: 14.5"
- Plate stop diameter: 4"
- Loadable plate length: 11.8"

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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