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84" Axle Barbell
Item No. 430025
84" Axle Barbell
Item No. 430025
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With the Titan Axle Barbell you can keep your lifting regiment and change your bar to achieve more results in the gym!



Bust of out of slump or change up your lifting focus with the 1.9" diameter Axle Bar. The 1.9" diameter fat grip taxes your grip strength and forearms while still working common lifts: bench press, deadlift, clean and jerk, curls, and many more. 

- Great substitute for a standard Olympic barbell.  
- 1.9" fat grip builds more grip strength and wrist control over a standard barbell
- Makes lifts more challenging than a standard bar. Don't up your weight and risk injury!
- 7 ft. in total length with 15.5" of loadable sleeve length. 

- Weight: 30 lbs 
- Overall length: 84"
- Grip and sleeve diameter: 1.98"
- Handle length: 52"
- Loadable sleeve length: 15.5"
- Finish: Black powder coating
- Fits: 2" Olympic plates

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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