Blues City Power Bar | Made In USA | Black Oxide
Item No. 400806
Blues City Power Bar | Made In USA | Black Oxide Fitness 400806 BCPBAR
Item No. 400806
Expected to Ship by 10/25/2020



Add style to your workout with the Titan Fitness™ Men’s Blues City Power Bar. This Olympic power barbell is Made in the USA and will feature a Black Oxide shaft with zinc sleeves. With aggressive knurling and power lifting knurl marks, you can easily position yourself for power lifting, back squats, front squats and more. The Blues City Power Bar will also have center knurling for added grip when performing front and back squats. The overall bar length is 86.25” with a loadable sleeve length of 16.125”. The overall shaft length is 51.5” and will have outer knurl sections that are 17” wide and the middle knurl being 5”wide. The Zinc sleeves contain bronze bushings for a consistent spin. The heavy duty black oxide shaft will have a tensile strength of 200,000 psi giving you the least amount of whip.

MADE IN THE USA: These Titan Fitness Blues City Power Barbells are designed and manufactured in the USA with 100% US sourced materials, and are backed by our 1 year warranty and 100% Satisfaction. They are built with the highest quality materials and workmanship to exceed your expectations.

HEAVY DUTY DESIGN: The Blues City Men’s Power Bar is constructed with Bronze Bushings inside of the Zinc sleeves for a consistent sleeve spin and a heavy duty steel shaft with a 200,000 PSI tensile strength with aggressive knurling. The shaft has a Black Oxide coating for added flare and style.

17” OUTER KNURLING AND 5” CENTER KNURLING: The ends of the high tensile strength shaft will contain 17” wide standard knurling. Power Lifting knurl marks allow you to position your hands properly for deadlifts, power cleans, bench press, and more. The center knurling helps provide aadded grip for back and front squats.

BLACK OXIDE FINISH: The Blues City Power Bars feature a Black Oxide coating to protect the shaft against scratches and corrosion. This oxide coating provides a durable finish and helps prevent corrosion allowing your Blues City Power Bar to continue to look new with very little maintenance.

DIMENSIONS: The overall length of the men’s Blues City Power Bar is 86.25”. The loadable sleeve length will be 16.125” and the black oxide shaft will be 51.5” with a grip diameter of 28.5mm. The Zinc  sleeves will accept 2” olympic plates. The overall weight of the bar will be 20 KG.


- Made In The USA with 100% US sourced materials.
- Center knurling.
- Oxide shaft to prevent corrosion and abrasions.
- Power Lifting knurl marks with aggressive knurling.
- Zinc sleeves with Bronze Bushings for consistent spins.
- High tensile strength.
- Provides little to no whip.

- Weight: 20kg
- Overall Length: 86.25”
- Shaft Grip Diameter: 28.5mm
- Overall Outside Knurling Width: 17”
- Center Knurling Width: 5”
- Tensile Strength: 200,000 PSI
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 16.125 per sleeve
- Shaft Length: 51.5”
- Shaft Color: Black Oxide
- Sleeve Material: Zinc
- Bushings/Bearings: Bronze Bushings
- Knurl Type: Aggressive Knurling

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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