Item No. 430087
Olympic Power Bar – 86-in. Chrome
Item No. 430087
Olympic Power Bar – 86-in. Chrome Fitness 430087 MIDWAYBAR
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The Titan Fitness® 86-inch Olympic Power Bar boasts a weight capacity of up to 1,000-pounds and is sure to become the foundation of which all of your future gains will be built. Just about every major movement in strength sports begins with a barbell. And Our Olympic Power Bar comes built with a tensile strength of 165,000 PSI and is made from high quality, durable, heavy-duty steel to ensure safe lifting. 

The Titan Olympic Power Bar is a no brainer. It is designed to last a lifetime, so when the rest of your gym equipment is starting to fail -- you can be confident that this bar will be there for you when you need it most, performing just like it did the first day you unboxed it.  Don’t just take our word for it – check our reviews. Our customers agree: this bar is an essential staple for any serious lifter.

VERSATILE FOR ALL STRENGTH SPORTS: Whether you are an Olympic lifter working on your highly technical snatches, a powerlifter working on insane-weight deadlifts, a strongman working on squat variation, a bodybuilder doing high rep work with heavyweight, or anything in between -- this Olympic Power Bar will be there for you session after session.

HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH FOR SAFE LIFTING: Safety is always a major concern for lifters at all levels.  This becomes even more critical when you really start adding pounds to the bar. That’s why our Olympic Power Bar comes built with a tensile strength of 165,000 PSI and is made from high quality, durable, heavy-duty steel.  So when you are in a squat rack and you are wondering whether or not your body can handle one more rep, you can rest easy knowing that our Olympic Power Bar will be able to keep going no matter what you throw its way.

EASY GRIP SURFACE: We’ve all been there; its deadlift day and you are on your last set of accessory training; your hands are sweaty, and your grip is completely toast. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to successfully grip the bar when you still have a little bit left in your tank.  That is why our Olympic Power Bars were designed with strength athletes in mind.  This bar comes built with 4 separate 8-inch areas of knurling, which is going to be great for your pressing, deadlift and more.  It also comes with a 7-inch knurled center, ensuring excellent grip and contact through heavy movements like squats -- when your body is going to want contact with that knurl the most.  

STRONG BY DESIGN: Our Olympic Power Bar is 86-inches of rust-resistant heavy-duty steel in total length, allowing 52-inches for any sort of grip you could possibly imagine.  Grip diameter registers in 30 mm, with the weight sleeve measuring 50 mm in diameter, meaning that it will fit any standardized Olympic-sized plate.

BE TITAN FIT: Titan Fitness is committed to providing our customers with high-quality fitness and strength training equipment at great prices. We offer everyday free shipping and a one-year warranty on all of our products.  

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- Designed to be balanced
- 4 separate areas of 8-inch knurling
- Diamond knurled surface
- Spinning Sleeves
- Fits any standard Olympic size plate
- Rust-resistant, heavy-duty steel
- For indoor or outdoor use 

- Grip Diameter: 30 mm
- Sleeve Diameter: 50 mm
- Overall Length: 86-in.
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 15.25-in.
- Sleeve to Sleeve Length: 52-in.
- Knurling: 16-in of Medium
- Center Knurl: 8-in of Medium
- Knurl Marks: Single
- Sleeve Coating: Chrome
- Shaft Coating: Chrome
- Bushing/Bearings: Brass
- Tensile Strength: 165,000 PSI
- Weight Capacity: 630KG (1,500 lb.)
- Product Weight: 20KG (45 lb.)

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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