Angled Multigrip Barbell
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Angled Multigrip Barbell Fitness 430124.2 AMULTIBARv2.2
Item No. 430124.2
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Add versatility to your barbell workouts with the Titan Fitness® Angled Multigrip Bar. 4 grips set at different widths allow you to work muscle groups from various angles while reducing stress on your shoulders and wrists at the same time!

BUILD YOUR MUSCLE: With this barbell, you can target specific muscle groups. It allows for a total body workout, letting you work your upper and lower body. Perform muscle isolations on your biceps, triceps, deltoids, quads, hamstrings, abs, pectorals, and more.

PERFORM MULTIPLE EXERCISES: A barbell lets you add new exercises to your exercise routine. With this powerful piece of equipment, you can perform deadlifts, squats, lifts, presses, and lunges. Pair it with a bench to do bench presses, chest presses, and skull crushers. This bar is compatible with 2-inch Olympic plates and can support a weight capacity of up to 1,918 lbs.

KNURLED TEXTURE: Working out means working up a sweat. Perspiration can make it hard to get a firm grip on your equipment. Fortunately, our Olympic bar features diamond-knurled hand grips that are designed to give you a sturdy grip. Don’t worry about this barbell slipping out of your hands. Its convenient grooves help you securely hold the bar in place while lifting.

BLACK POWDER-COATING: The tough black-powder coating adds a resistant layer that prevents scuffing and early rust. This guarantees that, with proper care, your Angled Multigrip Barbell will work great AND look great for years to come.

DIMENSIONS: Our barbell measures at 82.25-inch in length and weighs 48-pounds. The loadable sleeve length is 14-inches. This barbell can support a weight capacity of 1,918-pounds and has a black powder-coated finish for extra durability and longevity.

NOTE: The bar might not be compatible with all specialty competition plates. Weight plates not included.


- Fits Olympic weight plates- Rackable on standard Power Racks
- 4 sets of angled grips spaced at 2.75-inches apart
- Knurled grips and a high-quality powder coat for an unparalleled feel


- Grip Diameter: 32 mm.
- Sleeve Diameter: 50 mm.
- Overall Length: 82.25-in.
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 14-in.
- End to Grip One: 25-in.
- End to Grip Two: 28.5-in.
- End to Grip Three: 32 .5-in.
- End to Grip Four: 37-in.
- Finish: Powder-Coated Black
- Weight Capacity: 1,918 lb.
- Product Weight: 48 lb.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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