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Item No. 430074.2
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Don’t settle for unnecessary strain and discomfort, pick up the Yukon Bar from Titan Fitness and give yourself a better workout! Lose your worrisome back and shoulder pain with the brilliantly curved barbell design. The Yukon bar is longer than our other curved barbell, the Bison Bar, at 96” instead of 87” – and a loadable sleeve length of 17 1/2” for each side. Our older Bison Bar maxes out at 500 LB, but the Yukon Bar comes in at a whopping 2,000 LB capacity. Other functional design changes were made, for example, the Yukon Bar will now remain upright when it’s racked.

Our Yukon Bar will rest comfortably on your shoulders for squatting, with a 6” curvature that feels more natural than an ordinary barbell. The black oxide coating ensures that your barbell’s stunning finish is resistant to rust and corrosion. Knurling on the handle stretches across five different sections of the bar; including knurling directly at the center. Between the loadable Olympic sleeves, this bar measures 58 1/8” in handle to handle length. The barbell grip measures at 32 mm, or 1.26” in diameter.


LOSE UNNECESSARY PAIN: Using the black oxide-coated Yukon Bar means adding six inches of barbell curvature to help keep your body in pristine form, and put an end to back and shoulder pain from squatting.

OUR BEST CURVED BARBELL: The Yukon Bar is longer than our Bison Bar (96” instead of 87”), comes with more loadable sleeve length (17 1/2” instead of 16”) and a higher weight capacity (2,000 LB versus 500 LB).

BLACK OXIDE COATING: Your barbell will last longer, look great, and exceed expectations with the black oxide coating process – guaranteeing a resistance to rust and corrosion.

TOUGH STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Never fear your barbell suffering under too much intensity. Bring your toughest workout to the Yukon Bar – the durable steel construction will make it through.

DIMENSIONS: Between sleeves, this barbell measures at 58 1/8”, and the grip size is 32 mm (or 1.26”) in diameter. The Yukon Bar is designed with a 6” curvature.

- Overall length: 96”
- Length handle to handle: 58 1/8”
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 17 1/2” 
- Grip Diameter: 32 mm / 1.26”
- Barbell Curvature: 6”
- Coating: Black Oxide
- Weight Capacity: 2,000 LB
- Weight: 50 LB

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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