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Incline Bench | v2
Item No. 400894
Incline Bench | v2
Item No. 400894
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At Titan Fitness, we’re dedicated to helping our customers get their best bodies yet. If you’re looking to get ripped or toned, trust Titan Fitness products to give you results! Our flat incline weight bench is a prime example of life-changing exercise equipment. This weight bench features an adjustable seat and back to accommodate your height and exercises. You can set the back flat, at an incline, or upright. With the back flat, you can do bench presses, pullovers, kickbacks, and extensions. At an incline, you can do inclines, rows, and flyes. With the seat upright, you can improve your posture or put it away for storage. With our weight bench, you can do all these exercises and more from the comfort of your own home. Eliminate waiting in lines or dealing with annoying gym goers who don’t know what they’re doing!

Add this bench to your home gym. Its conservative design will match any room. It is powder coated black and features black leather cushions. The cushions will help absorb shock. They’ll reduce strain and stress on your muscles so that you can be completely comfortable as you workout. A rigid steel base gives it structural integrity to handle even the most massive gains. It has bolt holes for permanent mounting. This bench is easy to assemble and disassemble for greater portability and storage. Experience this incredible weight bench for yourself!

IMPROVED VERSION 2: In our version 2 Incline Bench, we've adjusted seat height to be slightly lower than the version 1, at 17 3/4-in, making it closer to competition height. We've also redesigned the base of the bench to add stability, so you can be confident as you add this bench to your home gym lineup.

ADJUSTABLE BACK & SEAT: With this foldable bench, you can do a wide variety of workouts. Set the back flat, at an incline, or upright while you lift free weights and dumbbells. At different positions, you’ll be able to work a wide variety of muscles. You can also adjust the seat to accommodate your height. You’ll have toned biceps and ripped abs in no time with this collapsible weight bench!

COMFORTABLE PADDING: This lifting equipment features a black leather cushion that will reduce strain and stress on your muscles as you lift weights. The leather finish pads are found on both the seat and back. At Titan Fitness, we create physical fitness gear that’s not only effective but safe as well. The last thing you need is to pull a muscle while exercising!

PERFECT YOUR BENCH PRESS: Imagine pumping iron from the comfort of your own home. Titan Fitness makes that a reality. With our weight bench, you can practice your bench press from your own home gym. You no longer have to endure long waits for the barbells or benches. Do multiple reps and sets on your own time.

USE WITH DUMBBELLS: Get fit with our weight bench! The padded cushion and adjustable back make lifting dumbbells more convenient. Do bicep curls, flyes, kickbacks, rows, and more with ease using this revolutionary bench! Purchase your weight bench today! It will positively enhance your indoor gym accessories.


- Adjustable Back and Seat
- Rigid Steel Base
- Comfortable Padding
- Sleek Leather Finish
- Bolt Holes for Permanent Mounting

- Overall Width: 27"
- Overall Height: 46"
- Bench Height: 17 3/4"
- Bench Width: 12"
- Bench Length: 51 1/5"
- Capacity: 650 lbs

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