Competition Bench and Squat Rack Combo
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Competition Bench and Squat Rack Combo Fitness 400902.2 CMBRCK.2
Item No. 400902.2
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Build your body and bench like the best with competition standards, on the Titan Fitness Competition Bench and Squat Rack Combo! It comes with a 17 1/2-in height bench for unprecedented accuracy and rock-solid stability, this bench and squat rack combo is all you need to sculpt your body effectively. Removing the bench is as simple as unlocking the safety pin and effortlessly rolling it out – freeing up space to train your squats and perfect your technique. Both the squat and bench height j-cups are rolling j-cups, with allow for improved bar-positioning and a more precise workout. This all-in-one combination fitness center will revolutionize your home or garage gym experience.

Customize your benches and squats like never before with a fully adjustable spotter bar height, adjustable bench press j-cup height, and adjustable squat j-cup height. The durable steel construction will last a lifetime, and the gorgeous powder-coated paint job will keep it looking fresh for years to come. Bench with a partner, and make full use of the spotter deck footplate at the rear. Your workout partner can also use the spotter adjustment arms to adjust your j-cup height on the fly, freeing up time and adding convenience to this comprehensive combo rack. A new you deserves a higher standard – so when you’re ready to make your workout serious, we’ll be waiting.

COMPETITION STANDARDS: Get your strength training routine up to competition quality with this rock-solid bench and squat rack combo. Feel the difference as you sculpt your body and exceed your goals, giving yourself a higher standard with each rep.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Customize the the spotter arm length, the bench press j-cup height, and the squatter j-cup height with effective and effortless pop-pin adjustability. Quickly change between your favorite settings and personalize your workout like never before.

REMOVABLE BENCH: Easily remove the safety pin and roll away the competition-height bench to utilize the squat rack and focus on your lower body. This combination bench and squat rack is the ultimate full-body competition-level strength training machine.

FEATURING ROLLER J-CUPS: Get your barbell positioned perfectly, just the way you need it, with our effective roller j-cups. Your body deserves a precision workout, and that’s what we offer with this all-in-one bench and squat rack combo.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: The bench stands at 17 1/2-in in seat height, with 48-in of overall bench pad length. You can adjust the lower j-cups from 33 1/2-in to 45 1/2-in, and the higher j-cups from 49 1/2” to 61-in overall height. Total width is 81-in, and total depth is 59-in.


- Competition standard combo rack lets you train like the best
- Build your upper body by adding a bench press routine to your workout
- Remove the bench to start squatting, and focus on your lower body
- Roller j-cups increase precision and improve your bar-positioning
- Durable steel construction will last a lifetime
- Powder-coated paint job prevents rust and corrosion

- Adjustable squat height: 49 1/2” - 61”
- Adjustable benchpress height: 33 1/2”- 45 1/2”
- Bench seat height: 17 1/2”
- Bench Length: 4 ft
- Spotter footplate height: 8 3/4”
- Spotter Arm Length: 17”
- Footprint width: 81”
- Footprint depth: 59”
- Weight capacity: 1,000 lbs.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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