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Forearm Blaster Package
Item No. 400598
Forearm Blaster Package Fitness 400598 STUDBAR-STRINGBAR-2RHNDL
Item No. 400598
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The Titan Forearm Blaster Package is the perfect way to get the essential equipment to implement more grip strength training in your routine!


- Package includes one Stud Bar, one String Bar, and one 2” Rotating Deadlift Handle to improve grip strength and incorporate forearm workouts into your routine!
- Stud Bar is a 3” x 3” square grip barbell perfect for pulls and deadlifts, weighing in at 45 LB.
- String Bar is a 3” diameter round grip barbell that weighs 43 LB and is sure to increase difficulty in any lift!
- Rotating Deadlift Handle is 2” in diameter and can be used for one-handed deadlifts for reps or holds. Rotating freely allows for the weight to always hang directly below your hand.

- Weight: Stud Bar: 45 LB String Bar: 43 LB Rotating Deadlift Handle: 6.2 LB
- Bar Overall Length: Stud Bar: 80.25” String Bar: 80.5”

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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