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Get your home gym outfitted with the latest Titan Fitness specialty machines to create the complete workout environment. These specialty machines allow you to design your own permanent workout zones, increase the intensity with ease and up your bodybuilding game right at home. Plus, these Titan Fitness Olympic specialty machines are created for maximum adjustability to accommodate athletes of all sizes.

Titan Fitness Olympic Specialty Machines

Built for long-lasting durability and versatility, Titan Fitness Olympic specialty machines can help you reach your fitness goals. With a range of equipment that focuses on specific muscle groups to allow for targeted gains where you want them most, these Olympic specialty machines are the perfect fit to fill out your home gym.

Blast your back, chest and shoulders, and focus attention on your deltoids and pecs with Titan Fitness’ Plate Loaded Fly Machine and Plate Loaded Deltoid and Shoulder Press Machine. These machines are compatible with Olympic-sized plates for greater intensity, but still offer a low-profile design for perfect balance and control no matter how much weight you stack on.

For Olympic-level training, our collection of Olympic specialty machines helps you make the most of your home workout by providing professional-grade quality and sturdy construction to handle any workout. The multi-functionality and adjustable features of these machines allow for endless variables in creating your own unique workout regimen.

Best Home Gym Machines for Strength

Titan Fitness leads the pack in creating the best home gym machines for strength. Throughout our line of home gym equipment, our innovative designs give athletes the maximum impact for their money. Our machines also offer long-lasting performance, so you can focus on your upper and lower body workouts.

The all-in-one Titan Fitness Functional Trainer could be the staple in your home gym, offering a complete workout with one piece of equipment. The Functional Trainer is designed for ultimate versatility with a weight stack variable of 10-200 pounds on each side. Bulk up your upper body with pull-down and rowing exercises, then switch gears to add extra punch to your lunges, squats and step-ups to round out the lower body burn.

Titan Fitness also features a wide assortment of smaller specialty machines for strength to target calves, neck muscles and more. From the Tibia Dorsi Calf Machine to the Plate Loaded Neck Machine, we ensure that no muscle group gets left without a heavy workout.

Free Shipping on Weightlifting Equipment

Titan Fitness is committed to keeping athletes equipped for their most rigorous training at affordable prices. One way that we help you cut costs is by offering free shipping on weightlifting equipment. Save on shipping and have more cash to spend on accessories to add to your home gym arsenal.

There are plenty of specialty machines you can buy to complete your home gym experience. Make sure to get versatile machines, so you can work out multiple muscle groups.