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11" Chrome Straight Rotating Lat Handle Pull Machine
Item No. 400125
11" Chrome Straight Rotating Lat Handle Pull Machine
Item No. 400125
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Titan Fitness wants to help you expand the usefulness of your home gym or power rack with our line of lateral handles.  If you really want to develop your back muscles, shoulders, biceps and more with a D-handle cable attachment, this is the one for you.  This lateral exercise bar features a high-quality steel construction with shiny chrome finish, knurled rolling-grip surface on the handle, and a standard carabiner hanger hole in the middle for more versatility in movements.  The bar is comfortable, and provides hand space to hold while you chop, pull down, pull back, etc. You can also attach these to stationary exercise anchors for freedom of movement in your pull-ups, chin-ups and more, without fear of injury from fixed-bar systems.  Hook in the middle of the bar fits most lateral bar cable-pulldown machine connections.


- Attaches to your home gyms, power racks, Smith machines and more
- Knurled handgrip
- Perfect for cable chops, pull ups, chin ups, lateral, back, and other resistance exercises
- Enjoy the freedom of movement to make certain stationary bar exercises safer
- Bring your own clean, sanitary, new D-handles to the gym for cable machine exercise routines

- Material: Solid steel with chrome finish
- Weight: 2 lb
- Length: 7”
- Width: 6 1/2"
- Knurled surface: 5 3/8”
- Diameter: 1”

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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