Glute & Hamstring H-PND Combo
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Designed to last for years of intensive exercise – and with a comprehensive workout arsenal at your disposal – the Glute & Hamstring H-PND from Titan Fitness is the one and only lower back / leg machine your body will ever need. Built to be the perfect home gym machine for isolating calves, glutes, hamstrings, and all posterior / lower back muscle areas. Make unbelievable gains in your fitness routine with hamstring curls and raises, back extensions, sit-ups, static holds, inversions, hyperextensions, as well as countless other potential exercises.
The heavy-duty steel construction is virtually invincible, providing effective workout results for years to come – and the black powder-coat paint will make this machine a sleek addition to your home gym. The base tubing sits wide and sturdy on the ground, eliminating the risk of tipping or imbalance during even the more intensive lower back workouts.

DESIGNED FOR LONG-TERM DEPENDABILITY: The Glute & Hamstring H-PND has a heavy-duty, high-quality steel frame. The wide base of the machine will ensure consistency and balance during even high-intensity workouts, and the powder-coated paint will provide additional resistance to rust, scratches, abrasion, and cracking for years to come.

FITS ALL SIZES: The Glute & Hamstring H-PND accommodates people of all body types and builds, including tall and short athletes. All you need to do is adjust the pop pins to your proper size. This can help reduce injury and muscle strain. Take a look at the adjustment specs below for more details on the accessibility.

BUILD MUSCLE: The Glute & Hamstring H-PND machine allows you to target your lower back, glutes, legs, hamstrings, and calves, helping you to develop a lean, muscular build. Use the machine for cross-training, strength training, and weightlifting. Conquer your body with hyperextensions, knee curls, inversions, back extensions, ham raises, and more.

GREAT FOR TONING GLUTES & HAMSTRINGS: Tired of leg curls, lunges, and deep squats? You may think you’ve plateaued, but that may not be the case. Your muscles have just adjusted to your exercises. Your workout solution is the Titan Fitness Glute & Hamstring H-PND. It works isolated muscle groups to tone and define your glutes and hams. Do sit-ups, glute ham raises, and hyperextensions with this machine!

EASY ASSEMBLY: Setting up the Glute & Hamstring H-PND is incredibly simple and intuitive. Your product will arrive in two packages, and include all the essential hardware for the easy bolt-together installation. With your purchase, you’ll also receive 2 spring collars and a strap.


- All the exercises of a GHD and an H-PND in one  comprehensive machine
- Your purchase includes two spring clip collars and a strap
- Heavy duty steel construction guarantees years of dependability
- Footplate adjustable height and length
- Handle adjustable length
- Fits Olympic size weight plates
- 10” of loadable sleeve length

- Overall weight: 253 LB
- Overall Footprint: 70” x 42 1/2”
- Overall length (handle extended): 79”
- Overall width: 42 1/2”
- Pad Dimensions: 28” x 16”
- Pad middle gap: 4 3/4”
- Grip Length: 6”
- Arm Length: 28”
- Grip Diameter: 1 1/4”
- Anchor length: 25”

- Handle adjusts 6 holes at 2” spacing
- Pendulum adjusts 11 holes at 2” spacing
- Foothold Dimensions 7” x 2 1/2”
- Footplate Dimensions: 19 3/4” x 13 6/8”
- Footplate adjusts length 7 holes at 2” spacing
- Footplate adjusts height 45 1/2” to 51 1/2 from floor at 1” spacing

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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