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Indoor Tire Flipping Machine
Item No. 401136.2
Indoor Tire Flipping Machine Fitness 401136.2 STTRM.2
Item No. 401136.2
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The Indoor Tire Flipping Machine from Titan Fitness™ let's you achieve a full traditional tire training workout in one stationary machine. With a starting weight of 125 LB and plate loadable up to 185 LB, this compact machine packs a punch. The walk in open frame design allows you to step into each flip of the tire for a natural movement. With dual battle rope anchor points, this machine is perfect for an individuals or utilize it in group training sessions.  ***NOTE: The maximum plate diameter that will fit is 9". The 10 LB Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates (CPLATE10) are a perfect fit for this machine and you can load up 3 on each weight post for an additional 60 LB.***


- Achieve a full traditional tire training workout in one stationary machine.
- 125 LB starting weight with room for an additional 60 LB worth of weight plates. 
- Compact design takes up minimal room.
- Handles and wheels for easy storage and movement. 
- High quality steel construction with 3.5" rubber stoppers for a silent drop. 

- Footprint: 48" L x 57" W
- Recommended Floor Space Required: 108" L x 100" W
- Tire Width: 13"
- Tire Diameter: 48"
- Tire Weight: 125 LB
- Weight Post Loadable Length: 4.5"
- Weight: 315 LB



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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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