Indoor Tire Flipping Machine
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Indoor Tire Flipping Machine Fitness 401136 STTRM
Item No. 401136
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If you want to get fit, this machine is for you! The Indoor Tire Flipping Machine from Titan Fitness lets you achieve a full traditional tire training workout in one stationary machine. With a starting weight of 125 lb. and plate loadable up to 185 lb, this compact machine packs a bunch. The walk-in open-frame design allows you to step into each flip of the tire for a natural movement. With dual battle rope anchor points, this machine is perfect for either an individual or group training session. The workout options with this machine are endless! Get the Indoor Tire Flipping Machine from Titan Fitness to keep your gym looking new and safe. 

USES: This machine is easy-to-use and safe for small spaces. You can do a variety of workouts with this machine that you would normally do with an actual tire. 

BENEFITS: It prevents the tread marks that an actual tire would leave behind on your gym floor. This machine works the core and posterior chain of the body while building strength and endurance.

INCLUDES: Handles and wheels are included to give this machine a use for storage and movement.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The Indoor Tire Flipping Machine from Titan Fitness is made of steel construction and rubber stoppers for sturdiness and a silent drop.

DIMENSIONS: The maximum plate diameter that will fit is 9-in. The 10 LB Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates are a perfect fit for this machine and you can load up 3 on each weight post for an additional 60 LB.


- Achieve a full traditional tire training workout in one stationary machine.
- 125 lb. starting weight with room for an additional 60 LB worth of weight plates. 
- Compact design takes up minimal room.
- Handles and wheels for easy storage and movement. 
- High quality steel construction with 3.5-in rubber stoppers for a silent drop.

- Footprint: 48-in L x 57-in W
- Recommended Floor Space Required: 108-in L x 100-in W
- Tire Width: 13-in
- Tire Diameter: 48-in
- Tire Weight: 125 lb.
- Weight Post Loadable Length: 4.5-in
- Product Weight: 315 lb.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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