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Smith Machine
Item No. 400699
Smith Machine Fitness 400699 SMTHMACH1-SMTHMACH2-SMTHMACH3
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The Smith Machine is an exceptional piece of equipment because it helps you practice good form. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself while lifting weights; such an injury could prevent you from working out for weeks or even months! This Smith Machine features 2 safety catches that can be adjusted before a lift. With the safety catches, you’ll be able to help prevent injuries in cases where you have a failed rep. The safety catches act as spotters, assisting you when muscle fatigue hits and you need to stay safe. This Smith Machine also comes with a knurled barbell. The barbell has 13.25-in of loadable space on its sleeves. It also has band pegs on either side for added resistance. You’ll get 2 J-hooks that easily attach to the bar. With a quick flick of your wrists, you can lock the bar into 8 positions once you’re done using it. You’ll also receive six 8-inch Olympic weight storage posts. This Smith Machine also includes a counter-balance function to further help you as you workout.

Are you looking to bulk up? Then this Smith Machine by Titan Fitness is perfect for you. It’s designed to help you safely perform different strength-training exercises, so you can quickly and efficiently build your muscles. You can use it to perform presses, squats, calf raises, or it can be used for benching.

IMPROVE YOUR FORM: Perhaps one of the most dangerous things you can do while weight lifting has bad form. Bad form can severely damage your muscles and joints, potentially taking you out of the game for weeks. With our Smith Machine, you can have a safe, stress-free workout. It includes 2 adjustable safety catches that can help to prevent injuries in case of failed reps.

A fixed barbell helps to eliminate the need for a spotter, so you can safely lift weights on your own. Additionally, the barbell features convenient knurling, so you can get a firm grip on your equipment. Its knurled surface ensures that sweaty palms and hands won’t interrupt your workout.

EASY ASSEMBLY: Set up this Smith Machine in your home, garage, or personal gym. This machine features 4 rubber pads for its feet in order to help protect flooring from unwanted scuff marks. The rubber pads also add stability to the machine. With your purchase, you’ll receive 2 J-hooks that can attach to the bar. You’ll also get band pegs on either side of the machine for added resistance.

DIMENSIONS: This Smith Machine comes with six 8-inch Olympic weight storage posts. Sometimes, the spacing of the posts does not allow full-size 450-millimeter bumper plates to fit on every post. The machine weighs 261 lbs, has an overall height of 86-in, a width of 66.5-in, and a depth of 54-in. It can handle an impressive weight capacity of up to 600 lbs.

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- Knurled barbell with 13.25-in of loadable space on the sleeves.
- (6) 8-in Olympic Weight Storage Posts.
- Band pegs on either side allow for added resistance.
- Two J-hooks attached to the bar takes a quick flick of the wrist to lock into 8 safe positions when finished with the exercise.
- Two safety catches can be adjusted to set before a lift to prevent injuries in the case of failed reps.
- Counter-balance function included!
- Four rubber pads on the feet of the Smith Machine protect flooring from unwanted scuffing and provide stability.

- Overall Height: 86-in.
- Overall Width: 66.5-in.
- Overall Depth: 54-in.
- Weight Capacity: 600 lb.
- Weight: 261 lb.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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