Plate Loadable Lat Tower | v2
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Plate Loadable Lat Tower | v2 Fitness 400895 SALPLRv2
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There’s a reason we use the word ‘backbone’ to describe something essential. Your back muscles, such as your latissimus dorsi (lats), help to stabilize your spine while providing support to your shoulders. The vast, interconnected web of muscles here is crucial to keeping your spine healthy and strong. So, what can you do to better protect your body’s ‘backbone’?

Our Plate Loadable Lat Tower answers this question. Add some hefty weight to this machine, and take back your back with plate-loaded lat pull-downs. Mix it up with high intensity low rows to target your arms AND back – building your biceps, rhomboids, and trapezius muscles altogether. Both the lat pulldown and low row handle are included with our Lat Tower, but weight plates must be purchased separately. The thigh pads have four adjustable positions, to accommodate athletes of all body types. The weight sleeves are 13 inches long each, giving plenty of room to stack up on plates. New in the version 2 is an additional reinforcement brace, between the seat and the main upright, to increase overall stability.

The durable steel construction will last a lifetime, and the sleek black powder-coating will keep your lat tower looking fresh at the center of your home or garage gym. Bolt holes at the base of the frame allow you the option to bolt down the tower for permanent mounting, or keep it free-standing.

*Note: Titan recommends bolting your Plate Loadable Lat Tower to the floor before performing upright cable rows.

BUILD YOUR ARMS AND BACK: Load up on plates and use lat pulldowns to target your upper body and back muscles, such as your latissimus dorsi. Switch to low rows or pushdowns to build out your biceps and triceps.

PERFECT FOR ATHLETES OF ALL SIZES: Our thigh pads have four different adjustable positions, to be sure we can accommodate athletes of all body types. The plate loadable feature gives fitness beginners the freedom to slowly work up to higher intensity workouts.

PERMANENT MOUNTING OPTION: Four bolt down holes are provided at the base frame of the lat tower, giving you the option to permanently mount this machine in your home or commercial gym. This is recommended before performing upright rows.

DURABLE STEEL CONSTRUCTION: The tough steel frame is designed to withstand a lifetime of intense workouts, and the sleek powder-coated paint will keep it looking fresh for years to come.

SPECIFICATIONS: This machine has an overall height of 84-in, and an overall depth of 56 1/2-in. Width measures 48-in and both weight sleeves has 13-in of loadable sleeve length. The Plate Loadable Lat Tower comes with the lat pulldown and low row handles included.


- Dual 13" weight posts fit Olympic weight plates
- Four adjustable positions for the thigh pads will fit athletes of all body types
- A durable steel frame and powder-coated paint job deliver a sleek look that will last for years to come
- Four Bolt down holes give you the option for permanent mounting in your home or garage gym
- Includes lat bar and low row handle

- Overall height: 84”
- Overall depth: 56 1/2”
- Overall width: 48”
- Loadable sleeve length: 13”
- Lat handle length: 37 1/2”
- Low row handle length: 15”

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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