Linebacker Squat Landmine Attachment V2
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Linebacker Squat Landmine Attachment V2 Fitness 400781 LBSQUATv2
Item No. 400781
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Get the most out of your landmine workouts with the Linebacker Squat Attachment from Titan Fitness®. This Landmine attachment is ideal for squatting without the fear of balancing a bar on your shoulders. The 7 to 11-inches squat pads provide a firm and stable feel while performing squats and deadlifts. The rotating handles have a spread of 19-in and allow many types of pulling, pushing, and rotational exercises while keeping the wrists in a safe, neutral position. Installation is seamless, slide and tighten over your Olympic barbell, load up on your choice of Olympic bumper plates, and start pushing your workout to the next level. Bolster your strength-training routine by adding linebacker squats, v-style squats, hack squats, overhead presses, and more!

NOTE: Titan recommends resting the product on the ground to load plates before pairing with the landmine stand. (Landmine stand sold separately.) This will prevent spinning during the plate-loading process.

IMPROVED VERSION 2: Our redesigned version 2 of the Linebacker Squat features narrowed shoulder pads to maximize comfort and effectiveness and minimize unnecessary strain during high-intensity exercises. The upgraded version also boasts 2 new weight posts to increase total capacity to 650 lb.

OLYMPIC ATTACHMENT: The Linebacker attachment easily attaches to any 50mm Olympic bar by inserting the sleeve into the 9.75-in sleeve post. The attachment has dual weight sleeves measuring 9.5-in each and will fit Olympic sized plates up to 650 lb.

SEAMLESS INSTALLATION: Easy slide over design makes for quick installation and prevents wear and scratching on your barbell. Insert the barbell into the attachment sleeve, tighten the threaded stop pin, and load your weight sleeves to your desired capacity.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This heavy-duty steel construction is built with 2-in thick padding and knurled rotating handles.

DIMENSIONS: The linebacker attachment’s shoulder pad spread is 7 to 11-inches with a size of 15-in x 5-in with a 2-in pad thickness. There are dual rotating handles with a spread of 19-in and a diameter of 1-in. The attachment weighs 35 lb.


- Version 2 features narrowed shoulder pads and 2 weight posts for added capacity
- Great attachment for linebacker squat, v-style squats, hack squats, overhead presses, and more!
- Fits Olympic bars and Olympic weight plates
- Thick 2-in. padding and knurled rotating handles
- Heavy-duty steel construction for a solid, long-lasting design

- Rotating Handle Spread: 19-in.
- Rotating Handle Diameter: 1-in.
- Shoulder Pad Spread: 7-in. - 11-in.
- Should Pad Dimensions: 15-in. x 5-in. x 2-in.
- Sleeve Length: 9.75-in.
- Sleeve Diameter: 50mm.
- Barbell Sleeve Length: 9.5-in.
- Barbell Sleeve Inner Diameter: 2-in.
- Weight Capacity: 650 LB (on weight posts)
- Weight: 35 lb.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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