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55cm Anti Burst Yoga Stability Exercise Ball w/ Pump Blue
Item No. 402642
55cm Anti Burst Yoga Stability Exercise Ball w/ Pump Blue
Item No. 402642
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The Titan Fitness stability exercise ball is just what you need to strengthen and tone your abs, core, and back. Sit on it at work or at home to improve your posture and strengthen your legs. Use it when you exercise at home or the gym for a variety of balance, strength, and flexibility moves, either on the floor or while standing. Groundwork exercises include Swiss ball crunches, plank holds, push ups and reverse extensions. Standing exercises include squats, lunges, hip circles and more! This blue 55cm ball, which also comes in blue, is suitable for people between 4'11" and 5'4" tall; check out our 65cm ball if you are between 5'5" and 5'11". Pregnant women will also enjoy this as it can improve flexibility and relieve tightness.  Active Sitting: Ergonomic back support and spinal alignment. Strengthens your core as you sit. Multi-functional: Sit on it at work or home, lay down and stretch on it, or do Swiss crunches or one of many other exercises. Quality Design: The material is comfortable, durable and odor-free. Made of thick elastic PVC that will maintain its shape. Weight capacity is 300 lb. Easy to Pump & Adjust: Insert the pump to inflate. At first, ball may not measure up to stated dimensions because the elastic PVC needs to stretch, so inflate again a few days later to reach maximum size; you may want to re-inflate it occasionally. Many Benefits: Stretch on this to improve your flexibility and reduce lower back pain, improve your posture and develop core and ab strength by sitting or exercising on it.


- Easy way to relax your muscles, increase tone, and let go of tension
- Best size for people between 4'11" and 5'4" in height
- Improves balance, flexibility, and coordination
- Chisel and tone your abs and other major muscle groups
- Increase your flexibility and improve your posture
- Have fun bouncing!

- Diameter: 55cm
- Weight: 2 lb
- Color: Blue
- Material: Elastic PVC


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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