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weight plates

olympic weight plates for garage gyms come in a wide variety of styles and colors. they all come with a standard 2-inch hole milled in the center that makes them olympic standard plates. with titan fitness quality, finding the best plates to start or maintain your fitness journey has never been simpler or more efficient.

titan fitness is proud to offer only the best olympic and bumper plates for fitness.

olympic weight plates for garage gyms

getting started with your first series of serious weight is important when considering the availability of space, the workouts you will be performing, and the aesthetics you would like in your setup. olympic weight plates for garage gyms can come in a variety of width sizes depending on space concerns and recommended tensile strength that the bar can hold. bumper plates are wider and therefore take up more space on the bar, while calibrated plates come in more colors for easy indexing, have a very tight accuracy, and are most commonly found on powerlifting stages.

there are also cast-iron olympic plates that are milled to spec or otherwise cast from classic iron for that plate-rattling goodness everyone loves so much during impressive lifts. however, these plates are not to be dropped and must be placed onto the floor to complete the lift properly rather than dropped from a height and uncontrolled. exercises that require or allow for the weight to be dropped from any height are better done with olympic plates from the titan fitness bumper selection.

the best bumper plates for fitness

the best bumper plates for fitness activities will have a variety of benefits. first and foremost, they will be robust enough to last you throughout your full training career. bumpers that chunk or lose their true shape cannot be relied on for your most important lifts.

second, the best bumper plates for fitness will also not smell like someone did a burnout in your home. the unique blend of materials gives your nostrils a break when you’re focusing on taking in that next deep breath for a valsalva maneuver.

third, offering only the highest-quality guarantees means customers are satisfied. titan fitness not only wants to be a part of your gym but a staple of it. plates that slide smoothly onto the collars of your barbell makes the tedious process of setting up and breaking down weights all the more enjoyable and sets you up mentally for some perfect reps on the platform.

free shipping on home gym weight plates

titan fitness is proud to offer free shipping on home gym weight plates.

with the right weight plates, you’ll have all you need to work hard in your customized home gym!

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